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Hyperlite Sheet Set

Price: $139

Hyperlite Sheet Set

Price: $139
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Hyperlite Sheet Set
Price: $139

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Our coolest sheets yet. Made with 100% TENCEL™ Lyocell and a unique grid weave for maximum breathability.

  • Twin & Twin XL Sheet Sets each contain 1 flat & fitted sheet and 1 Standard Size Pillowcase
  • Full & Queen Sheet Sets each contain 1 flat & fitted sheet and 2 Standard Size Pillowcases
  • King & Cal King Sheet Sets each contain 1 flat & fitted sheet and 2 King Size Pillowcases

Don't Lose Sleep


Fitted Sheet 39'' x 75'' x 18'' Flat Sheet 75'' x 102''

Twin XL

Fitted Sheet 39'' x 80'' x 18'' Flat Sheet 75'' x 102''


Fitted Sheet 54'' x 75'' x 18'' Flat Sheet 96'' x 102''


Fitted Sheet 60'' x 80'' x 18'' Flat Sheet 96'' x 102''


Fitted Sheet 76'' x 80'' x 18'' Flat Sheet 112'' x 102''

California King

Fitted Sheet 72'' x 84'' x 18'' Flat Sheet 112'' x 102''

  • 100% Tencel™ Lyocell
  • 200 Thread Count

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One-of-a-kind design. Very cool.

Our unique grid weave creates vent-like structures that increase airflow, so you can stay comfortably cool all night long.

Not just light sheets. Hyperlite™ Sheets.

Say goodnight to overheating and hello to cooler sleep. Our sheets are made with 100% TENCEL™ Lyocell for a naturally light and breathable feel you’ll love falling asleep to.

Frequently asked questions

Cooling bedding sheets are just like regular bedding but with an added benefit—body temperature regulation.

Through airflow and heat-resistant technology, cooling sheets transfer heat away from your body for a perfectly chilled night of rest. Perfect if you like a cool night’s sleep or happen to be a hot sleeper.

They do! With the right design, cooling sheets can greatly improve your sleep.

A regular sheet set can be super comfy, but not all fabrics work for the typical sweaty sleeper. To keep sweat at bay, you need a breathable sheet, which is where cooling sheets come in. With microscopic pores, breathable sheets release body sweat to evaporate into the air during sleep—no more trapped humidity or heat disturbing your rest.

For cool sheets all night long, you need a material that’s fully breathable and sweat-resistant.

At Casper, we chose 100% TENCEL™ for our cooling bed sheet sets. A lyocell variant, our TENCEL™ sheet is the perfect combination of cooling technology and luxurious softness.

The best cooling sheets regulate body temperature without sacrificing your comfort—a balance of breathability and touch.

To get the best of both worlds, consider these factors for staying cool in between the sheets:

Material – Breathable fabrics (cotton, TENCEL™, bamboo) are better choices for cold sheets than heat-retaining materials like flannel. The more airflow or porosity, the more body heat can escape.

Weave – It’s not just the material—it’s how you use it, too. Certain knits facilitate airflow better than others, like the grid weave pattern in our Hyperlite™ Sheets.

You might think sheets with a higher thread count are always better. But with sheets for a sweaty sleeper, that’s not the case.

A higher thread count yields tighter weaves which equal less breathability and less cooling. To balance cool comfort and luxurious touch, experts recommend a mid-range thread count, anywhere from 200 to 400. We chose an airflow-friendly 200 thread count for Casper’s Hyperlite sheets.

Learn more in our guide on the best thread count for sheets.

They can certainly help. Sweat-wicking, breathable fabrics transfer body heat away, leaving behind a cooler bed. You’ll likely sleep more comfortably, though your hot flashes won’t go away.

Our Hyperlite™ Cooling Sheets are just one part of the cooling bed sheet equation. For total body temperature regulation, adopt a few of these nighttime tips:

Cool down your entire bed – Try our breathable mattresses, duvets, cooling pillow, and mattress protectors—all created with our unique cooling technology.

Wash up – Take a warm shower or bath before bedtime. The external heat will actually lower your inner body temperature and blood pressure.

Eat right – Avoid eating right before bed, since digestion can spike body heat. Spicy and very salty meals have similar sweat-inducing effects.

Fan it out – Utilize overhead or standing fans for low-energy cooling all night. In particular, place box fans in windows to push hot air out as cool air blows in.

Learn more in our guide on how to stay at cool at night.


Made with 100% organic synthetic and a breathable percale weave for a soft, crisp feel that lasts night after night.