An Open Letter to Bad Sleepers (And 6 Gifts That Could Help)

December 10, 2020 | Casper Editorial Team

Dear Bad Sleepers,

First off, let us get this out of the way: Nobody’s perfect. And by that, we mean that nobody’s sleep is perfect. Even as a mattress company, we’ve had to humble ourselves over our zzzs to find the best (and easiest) ways to improve our own sleep. By the way, we think we’ve gotten quite good at it!

Good sleep is very difficult to achieve. Plus, like, 2020 was hard, right? 

The good news is we can all get back on track this winter, especially if we give each other brand new,  snooze-inducing gifts like these:

Throw Blankets

Throw caution to the wind when you pretend-toss one of our very snuggle-worthy Throw Blankets onto a couch, chair, or bed. Made from 100% organic cotton, our blankets are the perfect cozy addition to any bingeable programming (alone or not!). In soothing hues like Calm, Rest, Moonrise, and Sunset, you’ll transform any room into the perfect zzzone for better rest.

Throw Pillows

Yes, Evening Pillows are “supposed” to be“decorative” but yes it’s OK if you fall asleep with limbs wrapped around one like a pretzel. Paired with our Pebble Pillows — which come in Oatmilk, Blue, or Cinnamon — these pillows can make your bed (or even your couch!) look like an adult is living there. The Evening Pillows come in two sizes and three colors: Calm, Sunset, or Moonrise, so you can mix and match as you desire.

Percale Sheets

One thing we can attest is that cool, crisp, and breathable are always characteristics we look for when  improving our sleep. Our new Percale sheets are exactly that. They’re 100% cotton, and they’ll keep you cool through the night. They come in cool colors too (see what we did there?). Create a new look for your bedroom with Indigo, Oatmilk, Deep Forest, Driftwood, Dusty Rose, or White.


Finally lay your head on something worthy. To get better sleep, you’ll want to invest in the right pillow. At Casper we’ve designed three types of pillows depending on your sleeping habits: Foam, which has three layers of supportive foam contour, Down, which gives plushy comfort, and Original, which is an ultra-supportive down alternative. Don’t overthink which one to choose. After all, overthinking might keep you up at night.

Weighted Blankets

No matter what anyone says, you’re never too old to feel the comfort of being (basically) swaddled. While our Weighted Blanket isn’t an actual swaddle, it’s perfect for restless sleepers, who need to feel the weight of some serious relaxation day and night. What makes Casper’s version of the blanket unique? We’re so glad you asked! Fluffy lining and quilted channels add extra comfort and support as you deepen your REM cycle. AND it comes in three different colors, should you need separate options for every room. 😉

Gifting Bundle

Bad sleeper, we made this for you to catch some shuteye whenever you can — lounging, relaxing, watching the new thing on Netflix (that you’re somehow on Episode 8 of and weirdly there are only 8 episodes in this one(?!)) The Bundle is the perfect gift for cozy yet strict sleep intervention. You get 1 Weighted Blanket and 2 Foam Pillows to carry with you all through the house. It will be beautiful. Choose from colors like Indigo, Dusty Rose, and Gray.

That’s it, dear bad sleeper. Thank you for hearing us out.  Imagine the unlocked potential in all of us if we were to sleep more!

-Your friends at Casper