How Often (And How) to Wash Your Sheets

February 19, 2020 | Casper Editorial Team

BeddingCleaning Mockup Sheets
There’s nothing better than hopping into a freshly made bed at the end of a long day. Unfortunately, the remnants of the day — sweat, dirt, crumbs from your lunch — get in with you, too.
So how often should you really wash your sheets?
The answer is that washing your sheets about once a week will set you up for a healthy night of zzz’s. You can rest easy knowing you’re in a clean environment — even if your laundry pile is a mile high.
Not ready for laundry day? Rotating through at least three sets means you’ll never have to wait to freshen up. No one likes a sheet that looks like swiss cheese, so we recommend replacing them every one to five years.
Casper’s Take: If you’re sticking to making your bed on a weekly basis, make it easy for yourself.
Double-up on fitted sheets so there’s one less thing to wrangle next week. We’re biased towards the Casper sheets because they feature smart details like grippy fabric, which cuts down the time it takes to make the bed.

What Makes Your Sheets Dirty?

If you spill coffee or eat a crumbly cookie in bed, it’s easy to see that your bedding needs a wash. But it’s the things you can’t see, like dust mites, that you should be worried about.
Your body temperature drops a couple of degrees as you get cozy in bed. Heat moves out of your limbs into the surrounding environment and makes you feel overheated (especially if you are sleeping with others).
As a result, you sweat. Long after you’ve gotten up, the sweat stays and invites allergens, weird stuff like dust mites, and other things into your mattress.

How Do You Care For Your Sheets?

A woman makes her Casper bed
Before washing your sheets, make sure to check the care tag. Sheets are made with different fabrics and weaves, which can have specific care instructions.
However, most sheets (including Casper sheets) should be washed in cold water on a gentle cycle; tumble dried on low and removed from the dryer as soon as possible to keep from wrinkling. Using low heat ensures sheets won’t shrink and will stay softer for longer. If you want that extra-crisp feel, a quick iron will stiffen up the fabric.
For white sheets, we recommend using a non-chlorine, oxygen bleach with each wash to keep them from fading.
Store your fresh, clean sheets in a safe, dry place until use.
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