5 Best Gifts for People Who Love to Sleep

August 20, 2022 | Casper Editorial Team

We all have that friend—the sleepy friend. The one who shows up late, coffee in hand, ready with their well-worn excuse: “Sorry, I fell asleep!”

This person is never shy about leaving a party or gathering to head to bed, or maybe they’ll just curl up on the couch in the corner, right here … just for a minute.

If this friend were in the movie Snow White , they’d be Sleepy, for sure.

But now that it’s time to find the perfect gift for the Sleeping Beauty in your life, you might be racking your brain on what to get this special individual. Especially because all they seem to want is more sleep.

Fear not, we’ve outlined a collection of gifts for people who love to sleep.

#1 A Gift for Their Senses

This person might be able to fall asleep anywhere, but why not help them make the most of their favorite hobby by giving this sleep lover a gift that will really take their snooze game to the next level?

For that, appeal to your sleep lover’s senses with the following:

  • Sleep sound machine – Studies have found that white noise can affect the quality and quantity of a person’s sleep.1 Today, sleep machines come with a range of the best sleep sounds from white noise and rainforest pitterings to crickets to washing machines, so no matter what sounds help your sleepy friend fall asleep, this is a great gift they’ll love as they drown out the world to catch some Zs.
  • Night light – Giving a night light to someone who loves to sleep might seem counterintuitive, but think about it—this person loves to sleep so much that they might not realize a night light is exactly what they need to keep on dreaming. The right kind of night light will help a person stay in their sleepy state, like Glow Light night light, which has an extra warm glow and self-timer to help anyone fall into a deeper sleep and stay there.
  • Aroma machine or diffuser – Essential oils are the gift that keeps giving. And an aromatherapy machine or diffuser is a lesser-known way of elevating sleep. Research has found that not only do some oils reduce stress and anxiety, but they can also help improve sleep.2 Plus, an added bonus is that they leave the room smelling fresh and relaxing.

Whether you give the gift of light, sound, or scent to the sleep lover in your life, these gifts are one way to help anyone find a deeper sleep more quickly. Plus, with these three gifts for sleep, it’s simple and easy to find a sound machine, night light, or diffuser that also adds style and interest to any room.

#2 The Gift of Relaxation

Prioritize relaxation when giving a gift to someone who loves to get their beauty sleep. When it’s time to get some shut-eye, they’ll be ready to turn off the world and fall into a deeper, more restful slumber.

Here are a few ideas to help slumberers sleep a little better and longer:

  • A subscription to a meditation app
  • Sleep herbs
  • A sleep journal
  • Access to a screen time limit app
  • A gratitude diary
  • A head massager
  • A zen board
  • Essential oils

Studies have found that limited screen time and more intentional relaxation time can help improve and increase beauty sleep.3 So even if you think they’re already getting enough deep sleep, you can show the sleep-loving person in your life how to make the most of their shut-eye, with any of these simple gifts for better sleep.

#3 A Gift for a More Comfort Sleep

What about revamping their actual bed? While you can certainly gift the sleep-lover in your life with a pillow-soft mattress or comfy mattress topper , you can also help them transform their bedding into a cushiony oasis come bedtime.

Plush Pillows

Experts recommend replacing your pillow every one to two years, and now is your chance to help remind your sleepy friends that having the right pillow is crucial for a great night’s sleep.4

When choosing the perfect pillow, keep in mind how this drowsy person sleeps:5

  • Side sleepers – These folks tend to put a lot of pressure on their shoulders, so consider gifting them with a pillow that accounts for that. You’ll want to keep in mind how firm their mattress might be and also how much loft (compressed height of the pillow when a head is laid on it) the pillow has. The Hybrid Pillow is an ideal choice for this type of sleeper as it has a mid loft and outer foam layer.
  • Back sleepers – Anyone who sleeps on their back knows how important the right pillow is. Finding one with a low to mid loft is key since the neck needs as much support as possible when sleeping on your back. This low-loft Foam Pillow is designed specifically for back sleepers and is carefully designed to keep deep sleepers extra cool at night.
  • Stomach sleepers – While it’s not recommended you sleep on your stomach, there are some folks who can’t help it. If that’s the kind of sleepy friend you’re shopping for, then a pillow with soft compression and a low loft is ideal as they help avoid back and neck strain. This Low Loft Pillow is perfect for stomach-sleepers. Its down alternative filling and breathable weave create an airy softness.
  • All sleepers – For those looking for something to hold onto through the night, a Hug Body Pillow is the perfect fit. A body pillow is made to be wrapped, squeezed, and cuddled as it provides extra support to the entire body while sleeping. It can be tucked under an arm or leg to provide a cushion or pulled tightly against the body for a deeper, more sound sleep.

Silky Sheets

Soft, silky sheets can transform any bed into a cozy slumber cocoon—and they’re a great gift for sleepers in need of a healthier, deeper sleep.6

When shopping for cozy bed sheets, consider the feel and material of the fabric:

  • Percale – Typically made of organic cotton, woven tight, percale sheets have a crisp, light feel.
  • Sateen – Usually made from cotton, sateen sheets have a smooth, luxurious feel.
  • Flannel – Made from cotton, flannel sheets have a thick, warm feel.

Comforting Weighted Blanket

Increasing in popularity, weighted blankets use deep pressure stimulation, which may support the production of serotonin (the happy hormone) and increase melatonin (the sleepy hormone).7 Experts believe this combination may lead to more restful deep sleep. 8

When choosing a weight, find a weighted blanket that weighs 10% of the sleeper’s body weight.

#4 Cozy Gifts for Anyone

If you’re still not sure what to give to someone who loves sleeping, don’t be afraid to go back to the basics. Remember, when it comes to those who love to sleep, choose a gift that elevates their feelings of comfort and coziness.

Infuse their nighttime routine with warmth with one of the following gift ideas:

With one (or a few) of these gifts for sleep lovers in hand, your favorite sleeper is bound to drift off into a good nights sleep.

#5 Plush Gifts for Pets

Some sleepers don’t like the idea of going to bed alone—or without a furry friend. For those who love their pets just as much as they love a good night of sleep, gift a cozy dog bed.

They’ll be able to fall asleep to the sound of their pup’s sweet snoring, and the foam exterior provides their dog with the perfect foundation for a night of romping through dreamscapes of flower fields and tasty treats.

Casper: All the Sleep Gifts in One Spot

If your favorite sleeper in your life loves to curl up in cozy bedding and drift to sleep to the sounds of the waves and scents of the ocean breeze, consider adding to their bliss by gifting your drowsy friend with Casper’s accessories, bedding, and pillows.

From glow lights and sleep masks to sheets and weighted blankets, we have the best gifts for someone who loves to sleep. We carefully craft our sleep accessories with rest in mind: Our sleep masks are silky soft, and our bedding is lightweight and airy for a feather-like fall into dreamland.

At Casper, we’re setting a new standard when it comes to restful sleep—each of our products is innovated with sleeping enthusiasts at the forefront. If you’re ready to gift the sleeper-lovers in your life with a luxurious and comfortable night of sleep, shop Casper today.


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