How to Style Your Bedroom to Reset Your Sleep with Justina Blakeney

January 5, 2021 | Casper Editorial Team

@thejungalow’s Justina Blakeney gave us color and texture about her sleep patterns.

The new year provides us all the chance to refocus, reset, and — very often — redecorate! We’re diving in with Justina Blakeney, founder of Jungalow, to learn how changes to the design of your bedroom can inspire better sleep. 

Justina Blakeney is a writer, artist, and designer. She created Jungalow as a blog just to share her latest inspirations, and grew it to become a major lifestyle brand and e-commerce destination.

Justina, what are some of the simplest ways people can design/revamp their bedrooms for better sleep?

1. Declutter!

If you are storing anything under your bed, pull it all out, reevaluate whether you really need it and if you do, find a more permanent storage solution elsewhere. Having stuff stored under your bed doesn’t allow for energy to freely flow around and under you while you are trying to sleep.

2. Build the right bed system.

Next, invest in a good, solid bed, comfy mattress, and high-quality bedding. Do you know that luxurious feeling of sleeping in a nice hotel bed? You can totally recreate that at home! Quality bed sheets, a soft duvet, and a supportive pillow will do wonders for your comfort.

3. Find and control the light.

Lighting is probably the second most important part of designing a space that inspires better sleep. I like to keep the bedroom bright and airy in the mornings by opening up any windows and letting the breeze in, weather permitting. But starting in the late afternoon, it’s important to keep the bedroom dimly lit so that your brain understands this space is for powering down and chilling out. Some bedside lamps or sconces with warm bulbs are a great way to have some light in the bedroom without making it too bright in the evenings and at night.

4. Consider your vibe

In a bedroom, I want to feel like I am in a peaceful sanctuary. I think about the colors and textures that I associate with that feeling. For me, soft soothing tones like sage green or blush give me calm and serene vibes. So does the idea of being barefoot, so I like to have a warm, cozy, high pile rug to tickle my toes when I first wake up in the morning and step out of bed. This is super important in a bedroom, where you want to feel cozy and comfortable. Another way to achieve that feeling is by layering lots of soft bedding elements like sheets, a comforter or duvet and a quilt or throw.

What are your favorite Casper product(s) to use when designing a room and why?

I love the Nova Hybrid Mattress because of its cooling properties (no one likes to wake up sweaty!).

People are always on the fence about headboards. Do you or don’t you, and if so, why should you?

I really like to use soft headboards (no creaking!) It doesn’t matter how beautifully designed a bedroom is if it isn’t serving the purpose it is intended to — to make you cozy and comfortable enough to sleep well.

I was drawn to the light pink pillow headboard on the Casper Repose Bed Frame because there is nothing more luxurious than a soft, cushy headboard that you can lean up against when reading or journaling in bed. And pink is one of those colors that just signals serenity to me. I also love that the bed frame is made of sustainably-sourced oak. The curved legs are a beautiful design feature.

What are some 2021 sleep resolutions we can add to our (long) list?

A comfy mattress, an air purifier (for peace of mind and to literally help you breathe easier at night!) and a few houseplants — it’s all about comfort, health, and joy! 

In mid-2020, I started charging my phone in the kitchen overnight rather than in the bedroom. While this isn’t a new resolution, I want to try and keep this habit up in 2021. I want to step it up in 2021 by staying off my phone for one hour before bed. I think this will help get my screen time down and let my mind power down as I get ready for bed.