How Vanessa Bayer Snoozes for a Better Tomorrow

April 20, 2021 | Casper Editorial Team

You probably know Vanessa from her many iconic roles on Saturday Night Live, her more-than perfect impressions of other famous celebs, and her most recent role in Barb and Star Go To Vista Del Mar.

When Vanessa is not making us laugh, working on new projects, practicing whale sounds, or doing pilates, she unwinds in her bedroom — meditating, watching TV, and dreaming big (we mean “sleeping,” but you get it). “I’m someone who thrives on having a productive day,” she explains, “which is impossible without great sleep.”

Stars! They’re just like us!

We got cozy with our fellow snoozer to find out which Casper products help her to get a good night’s sleep and therefore a better tomorrow:

1. Wave Hybrid with Snow Technology 

Vanessa is a fan of the new Wave Hybrid Snow. It’s ergonomic, more comfortable, and has a cool-to-the-touch gel that helps keep you from overheating.

2. HyperliteTM Sheets in Fog Blue + Dusty Rose

Vanessa likes how silky the HyperliteTM Sheets feel, and how light they weigh. Worth noting she likes the fog blue and dusty rose colors because they pair well with the Percale Duvet Cover in Oatmilk. (This note is for the superfans).

3. Original Pillow in Low-Loft

A pillow can determine how well one sleeps (or better yet, dreams). “I’m a fluid sleeper (back, side, and stomach),” says Vanessa, meaning she requires versatility from her pillow, which is why she was drawn to none other than the Original Pillow in Low-Loft. This best-seller is basically a pillow within a pillow, made for adaptive comfort no matter how you sleep.

4. Weighted Blanket in Dusty Rose

The weighted blanket was the first thing Vanessa ever wanted to buy from Casper (because she wanted to cuddle with it on her couch). Cut to the rest of us beneath our weighted blankets watching SNL reruns all weekend long in her honor.

5. The Adjustable Pro

Vanessa did not have a television in her bedroom growing up, so being able to prop up on a super comfortable, adjustable bed is a dream come true. She also loves that the bed allows for an ideal place to meditate while being propped up in all of her pillows.

No matter how you choose to get cozy, resting today will bring a better tomorrow. And if we’ve learned anything from our friend, Vanessa, it’s that you should always go to sleep with your future self in mind… or rather, in your dreams!