How to Keep Your Mattress in Tip Top Shape

July 15, 2022 | Casper Editorial Team

Keeping your body and mind in tip top shape requires some work. You have to eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly, and get plenty of sleep. That’s why finding a quality, supportive mattress with a good mattress warranty is so important to your overall health and well-being. 

But keeping that quality mattress in tip top shape also requires some work—albeit slightly different work. 

If you’re curious about how to maintain your mattress quality over time, keep reading. The secrets to a lifetime of great sleep on your dreamy new mattress are up ahead.

Mattress Maintenance 101

So, how long does a mattress last? Most mattresses should last anywhere between 7 and 10 years. However, there are a variety of factors that can influence a mattress’ lifespan.1 In fact, you’d probably be surprised to learn how far a little extra care can go in preserving the longevity of your bed. 

Below, we’ve listed our top 9 tips for mattress care that will keep you sleeping more soundly than ever and eager to seize each day.

#1 Wash Your Bedding Regularly 

There’s nothing quite like clean bed sheets. It’s one of life’s simple pleasures and comes at little to no cost. The National Sleep Foundation even found that the vast majority of sleepers are much more excited to go to sleep at night when they have freshly scented sheets.2

But there’s more to fresh bedding than smell. In fact, experts say you should wash your sheets at least once every two weeks. Why?

During sleep, we shed: 

  • Hair
  • Oils
  • Sweat
  • Skin cells

Not to mention, dust mites (microscopic creatures that are commonly found in homes) can accumulate on unwashed bedding, and later, move into your new mattress pad. 

To avoid all this buildup and keep your bed fresh, consider washing your sheets at least once every two weeks2—and potentially once per week if you share your bed with any furry friends. Even if you use a mattress protector, keeping your bedding clean is still crucial to your mattress’ overall lifespan.

#2 Vacuum the Mattress Surface 

Wiping down the shower, dusting light fixtures, and cleaning out the fridge are likely part of your cleaning routine, but when was the last time you vacuumed the mattress pad? 

In addition to routinely cleaning your sheets and pillowcases, it’s also wise to routinely vacuum the surface of your mattress. Most experts suggest vacuuming your mattress about once every six months.3 

Doing so will help you control and eliminate dust mites, as well as other forms of build-up that may be harmful to your health (and your mattress’ health) if left unchecked, such as: 

  • Allergens
  • Bacteria
  • Food

#3 Deodorize Your Mattress

Now that you’ve added vacuuming the mattress to your seasonal cleaning list, you may want to kill two birds with one stone and add deodorizing to clean your mattress too. 

Deodorizing your modern mattress will help eliminate any funky scents leftover from bacteria, dust mites, sweat, or allergens. And the good news is that some of the best natural cleaners to deodorize your modern mattress can probably be found in your pantry:

  • Water and distilled vinegar – Mix equal parts in a spray bottle, then mist the surface of the mattress until it’s damp, not saturated. Let the clean mattress air dry completely before flipping it over and repeating the process on the other side. 
  • Baking soda – This natural cleaner works wonders to neutralize scents. Use a sifter to equally distribute the baking soda over the mattress and let it sit for at least 30 minutes.4 While this is happening, pull back the curtains and let the sunlight help absorb the remaining moisture from your bed. Finally, use the vacuum and its upholstery attachment to remove the baking soda.   
  • Essential oils – You can mix essential oils into your baking soda before sprinkling it over your bed to give it a long-lasting fresh scent. We recommend mixing around 15–20 drops of a calming scent, such as eucalyptus or lavender.
  • Cornstarch – Consider adding cornstarch to your mattress to remove any fresh stains, or mix it with the baking soda to help remove any bodily oils.  

#4 Rotate Your Mattress

Rotating your mattress is a simple technique that helps promote a more even wear over time, making depressions and softening less likely. It’s beneficial to rotate regardless of its size or material, although the material of your mattress will affect how often you should rotate it

  • Hybrid – Rotate every 3–6 months 
  • Memory foam – Rotate every 6–12 months
  • Latex – Rotate every 6–12 months 
  • Two-sided innerspring – Rotate every 6–12 months if new, 2–5 times per year if old     

Rotating your mattress is especially important during the first few years while you’re still breaking it in. 

#5 Use a Mattress Protector 

One of the best and simplest ways to prolong the life of your mattress is to use a mattress protector. A mattress protector does more than safeguard your bed from the occasional wine spill—it also reduces the amount of dust, allergens, and body moisture that accumulates on your clean mattress. 

But not every mattress protector is designed equally. 

At Casper, we offer high-quality mattress protectors with: 

  • Water-resistant or waterproof finishes, both of which help keep out stains
  • Specialty stretch fabrics that allow them to fit any mattress up to 16 inches deep
  • Materials that make them sound and feel like they’re not even there

#6 Ensure Your Mattress Has Proper Support 

Did you know that your mattress is only as good as its foundation? This is true for even top-of-the-line mattresses. You don’t have to necessarily purchase the matching box spring or base advertised with the mattress of your dreams, but you do need to ensure it’s getting the support it needs.

Ensuring your mattress has proper support can help preserve its durability and prevent early wear. Because different types of mattresses require different types of support, it’s important to understand the right foundation for your mattress in particular.

For example, because innerspring mattresses contain sturdy steel coils, they don’t require as much support, so a box spring foundation is a fine choice. However, specialty mattresses, such as memory foam, latex, and hybrid mattresses, consist of softer materials, so they require a more firm and solid foundation, like wooden slats. 

#7 Give Your Mattress Some Air 

Depending on where you live, you may like to open the windows and let the fresh air and golden rays of sunshine sweep through your home every now and then. And actually, this is an excellent way to keep your mattress in tip-top shape. 

Every few months, we recommend opening your windows, striping your mattress, and letting it air out on a dry and sunny day. 

In addition to adding some extra mileage to your mattress’ lifespan, doing this will also:

  • Help reduce the number of dust mites on your mattress 
  • Help dry out any moisture or humidity within the mattress

#8 Keep Pets in Their Own Beds 

We know this one may be easier said than done, but allowing your dogs or cats to sleep in your bed with you will only increase the chances of your mattress becoming covered with dust mites, pollen, or anything else your pet may drag in from outside. Even if your pet is well-groomed, they still shed hair and skin cells like the rest of us. 

A simple way to keep your furry friends off of your mattress is to buy them their own equally cozy bed. That’s why we had our team of engineers use their mattress-making know-how to design the perfect mattress for our pets. 

Our comfy dog beds:

  • Offer a fortified construction that won’t sink or slump over time
  • Are available in three sizes (small, medium, and large)
  • Include a removable nylon cover that you can toss into the wash for easy cleaning

#9 Avoid Jumping on the Bed 

We’re almost sure you’ve heard this one before—most likely coming out of an adult’s mouth when you were a child. But perhaps now you understand where they were coming from. 

Jumping on your bed is not only destructive to your mattress, but also to the foundation it rests on. So, save the jumping for outside, and save your mattress for a lifetime of good sleep.

Casper: For a Lifetime of Restful Sleep

When it comes to keeping yourself in tip-top shape, sleep plays a powerful role. That’s why choosing a mattress and maintaining your mattress is so important for your overall health and well-being. Now, armed with these mattress care tips, you can ensure a quality mattress, and quality sleep, for years to come.

At Casper, we understand the power of a good night’s rest. That’s why our team of dedicated professionals and sleep specialists is here to assist you with all of your sleep needs. Whether it’s matching the perfect base to the best mattress for your body or finding the optimal bedding to fit your individual sleeping needs, our team is committed to finding the best ways to enhance your sleep.

Shop Casper online or visit us at one of our store locations today to learn more about how we can help. 


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