5 Sleep Gifts to Give This Holiday

October 20, 2022 | Casper Editorial Team

We all have different types of people on our gift list. There’s the one you know will love something sparkly, the one who adores everything plaid, those who covet everything tech, and those who can’t get enough sweet treats (count us in).

But what do you gift to someone who’s always yawning or running late because they overslept—that person who, no matter what time of year it is, has visions of sugarplums dancing in their head because they’re always sleepy or falling asleep?

We have good news for you and that friend—there’s a whole range of gift-worthy accessories that can help elevate someone’s deep sleep quality.1 This holiday season, it won’t just be a smile you put on their face. With these bedtime gift ideas to help restful sleep come sooner, you’ll be sending all those sheep they’ve been counting out to pasture and giving them a more peaceful, better sleep. 

#1 Some Luxurious Sheets

Sheets might seem like a gimme in the sleep category—and chances are, nearly everyone you know already has a set or two. But what the gift recipient may not have invested in are sheets that feel as smooth as water when you slip into deep sleep. And how your sheets feel can make all the difference.

These Sateen Sheets from Casper are made from 100% organic cotton, a fabric that’s as smooth as it is ridiculously soft. They also come in 11 earthy colors that suit any bedroom’s color palette. Plus, did you know that having quality sheets on a cozy bed is a huge factor in getting a good night’s sleep? They help regulate temperature and help the body relax.2    

#2 A Nightlight to Warm Up the Dark

If that special someone you’re shopping for is having trouble catching their nightly Zs, then gifting them with a nightlight might seem counterintuitive. But low lighting can actually help the body relax and fall asleep more easily.3 This is because melatonin, the sleep hormone, is released in response to darkness or low light.4

Finding the perfect night light can be tricky, but gifting a nightlight that has adjustable brightness, a scheduling feature, and is wireless is a surefire way to improve their sleep quality and light up your sleepy friend’s face this season. 

#3 A Weighted Blanket to Soothe their Snooze

 When you’re shopping for that sleepyhead in your life, a blanket would be a no-brainer sleep gift, sure. But why not take this great gift to a whole new level and go for a Casper weighted blanket

These hefty weighted blankets are super popular because they can not only help you sleep better but also offer a range of health benefits—from helping the nervous system to relax to calming down the heart rate and breathing when you’re feeling stressed or anxious.5  Plus, blanket gifts are always a hit.

#4 A Pillow That Elevates Their Sleep

Honestly, there are probably a lot of people on your holiday list who could benefit from a new pillow. After all, they’re supposed to be replaced every one to two years—but how many of us really follow that rule?

When it comes to picking out a pillow to give your tired friend, make sure to consider what pillow height and material they’d like best because pillow preferences tend to vary from person to person. Casper offers a range of pillows in varying heights and firmness, so you’re sure to find the perfect fit.

#5 Sleep Accessories for Luxury Comfort

From sleep masks to slippers, you can’t go wrong with giving the gift of some extra sleep accessories. They’re comfy and cozy and are the perfect gift for sleep-loving folks—but especially those whom sleep evades. 

A sleep mask is an excellent option for travelers or those who hit the hay early, as it helps block out excess light. Meanwhile, slippers help anyone relax and stay comfy during their nighttime or morning routine. 

If you’re really looking to give a gift of sleep time luxury, wrapping up a robe is the way to go. Whether they’re getting ready for bedtime or spending a lazy day at home with a loved one, a robe is a sleep gift they’ll use time and time again. 

Don’t Lose Sleep This Holiday Season—Find the Perfect Gifts with Casper

Whether it’s the comfiest pajamas, a weighted blanket, a memory foam pillow, or a guided meditation audiobook, the perfect sleep gift improves not just sleep but overall mental health.

Giving a loved one the perfect gift of better rest might sound a little abstract—but with the right gifts for beauty sleep, better snoozes might be within reach for your friends and family. And given that quality sleep affects your entire well-being, it’s safe to say that this great gift can show you care in more ways than one.

But with all the chaos of the holiday season, how can you find the perfect, high-quality sleep gifts that you know your loved ones will adore? Perhaps we can help with that.

At Casper, we have all the mattress and sleep products  you need to shower your loved ones with gifts to help them drift off to their sweetest dreams. Each time they wake up feeling refreshed and well-rested, they’ll thank you for their new and improved shut-eye. 


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