Valentine's Gift Guide for Sleep Lovers

December 23, 2022 | Casper Editorial Team

It’s the time of year when festivity receives a romantic makeover. Candy hearts and teddy bears replace tinsel and string lights on store shelves. Sweet cherry-blossom scents replace balsam candles, and chocolate-covered strawberries fill fridge space where eggnog once sat. Whether you celebrate Valentines Day with your significant other or Galentines day with your friends, you can cap it off with the perfect gift.

For this holiday, a thoughtful gift should be in order. Do away with the usual chocolate, jewelry, and flowers on Valentine date night. As we transition into Valentine’s Day from a hectic holiday season, you may be longing to grant your one unfulfilled holiday wish: the “long winter’s nap” part of the story. 

Still haven’t found the perfect gift yet? Fortunately for you, we have some gift ideas. That’s why we put together a Valentine’s Day gift guide for that special someone in a committed relationship with long, luxurious, comfortable sleep. 

Sound dreamy? We’re just getting started. 

#1 Silk Pillowcase + Sleep Mask Set

Casper has a silky solution for both baggy lids and bedhead. Our luxurious Silk Pillowcase + Sleep Mask Set not only helps snoozers awaken with smoothed hair and soothed eyes, but the strong 100% Mulberry Silk material supports skin and hair hydration. In peach, oatmilk, and indigo color options, the aesthetic will be as exquisite as the feel. 

Pro tip: For even more bliss, consider a set of matching SuperSoft Sheets.

#2 Weighted Blanket

When you can’t be there to hug your loved one while they fade into dreamland, show them that you still have them covered with this thoughtful gift. This microbead-filled Weighted Blanket will be ready and waiting to wrap any lucky sleeper in cozy calmness all night long. 

Known to relieve stress and promote restful sleeping habits,1 a high-quality weighted blanket from Casper is a snooze button’s best friend. Choose from three weight sizes of snuggly comfort in indigo, dusty rose, fireside, or gray. 

Pro tip: Grab a pair of Snoozewear™ Slippers for yourself while you’re shopping. Your toasty toes will be thankful.

#3 The Glow Light

No Valentine’s gift guide would be complete without a cool tech gadget. This convenient, self-dimming, all-purpose light helps promote a natural slumber. 

Easy to use with or without the accompanying app, The Glow Light works like a silent lullaby. Here are a few excellent uses for Glow:

  • A visual alarm
  • A reading light
  • A night light next to the bed
  • A lantern to see furniture in the dark

Upload the Glow app on your device to customize light settings. You can program it to gradually increase brightness for a gentle morning wakeup, sync multiple lights together to create a personal light show, or set Glow to turn itself off after you drift into slumberland.

Pro tip: Get a double set for you and your Valentine—because you’re just that in sync.

#4 Snoozewear™ Blanket Robe

We’ve all been there. You just don’t want to leave that snug, comfy hibernation zone of your bedroom. But, alas, you’ve got things to do. 

The Snoozewear™ Blanket Robe gives you the best of both worlds. It’s like wearing your blanket around the house, but better. (Hello, pockets!) Choose from indigo, oatmilk, and white colors in small, medium, or large. 

Pro tip: For maximum cushiness, pair with a light-blocking Snoozewear™ Sleep Mask.

#5 Original Casper Pillow

Not feeling as supported as you should be? It’s time to move on. 

To another pillow, that is. 

High-performance pillows provide the proper neck and head support to provide the ultimate next-day comfort.2 

With a breathable, down-alternative Original Casper Pillow in a Standard or King size, sound slumber is underway. Designed with materials that adapt to your body and movements, the double-pillow (inner and outer) system creates sturdy but soft comfort. 

Pro tip: Pair with a Cozy Woven Blanket to gift the most luxurious sleep of their life. 

#6 Dog Bed

Of course we wouldn’t forget the four-legged valentine in your life. What makes this a great gift is your pet needs a supportive sleep environment for uninterrupted dreams of rabbit and squirrel chasing. 

Complete with a washable, removable cover in sand, blue, or gray, your hound will be in heaven during lazy naps or vigorous bone-chewing sessions. 

Sizes come in small, medium, or large, depending on the size of your pooch (or how much room he needs to chase those bunnies).3 Designed to work around the way a dog moves and sleeps, the Dog Bed will cushion your pup’s joints and give him a safe, soft place to land. 

Pro tip: Consider a Breathable Mattress Protector for inevitable cuddle time on the big bed.

Give the Gift of Quality Sleep with Casper

We hope this gift guide for Valentine’s Day wooed you more than a kitschy romance novel. (We don’t know about you, but we’re feeling cozier already.) Ditch the generic bouquet of flowers and give your sleep savant something you know they’ll love. 

Here at Casper, we combine smart technology and luxurious comfort to bring you the best sleep possible. After all, everyone needs a cozy doze, especially during the chilly post-holiday months. 

Shop our entire Valentine’s Day gift collection for that special someone and your special self. Because this Valentine’s Day, we’re making your shopping experience a dream. But for your general sleep needs, check out our split queen mattress, eastern king bed size, and other essentials.


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