Welcome to Casper Labs

Our research and development team spends their waking hours dreaming up ways to make you sleep better.


Product tests (not counting snoozes)


Product iterations


Researchers, scientists, and engineers

Rest, test, and repeat

At Casper Labs, we test to make sure every fiber of every product is made for great sleep. It’s what sets us apart from other mattress companies and ensures our products give you your best rest.

Finding the perfect sleep temperature

We measure how much body heat is released during the night and design our cooling system around the perfect balance of breezy and cozy.

Geeking out over ergonomics

All bodies are different, but they all need support. Our ergonomic tests simulate how you toss and turn to design the best support system for all body types.


You spend a third of your life on a mattress, so you need one that lasts. We use a rolling machine to simulate 10 years of sleep and ensure the mattress keeps its shape.

Overnight feedback

Our in-lab bedroom is designed to simulate the perfect sleeping experience, try out new materials, and get real feedback to snooze-proof your mornings.

Dreaming bigger

As we evolve the way the world sleeps, we also strive to improve our impact on the planet with better packaging, natural materials, and giving back to our communities.

We’re always thinking outside the box and using technology to propel the future of sleep with smart products that make bedtime even easier.


Ready for bed?