Yes, you do need to fluff both the Original Casper Pillow and the Down Pillow! In fact, it’s best to fluff them often (daily, if possible) to keep your pillow looking and feeling fresh. We designed it to be easily revived with a quick fluff.

While most pillows are filled with batting or garnetted fiber that tends to bunch or clump, each fiber cluster in the Casper pillow is individually blown into it. This advanced process keeps the fill from bunching and also allows it to be easily rejuvenated. If you neglect to fluff regularly, your pillow may compress and flatten over time, but it will always bounce back with a little love.

It might may sound like a chore, but fluffing doesn’t have to be a challenge or a bore. We recommend building it into your regular nighttime routine, just like brushing your teeth or washing your face. Before you lie down at night, see if your pillow looks or feels like it is losing loft. If so, then it is definitely time for a little TLC.

Now this may sound silly, but there is a right way and wrong way to fluff your pillow. Here’s how to give the Casper pillow some extra oomph:

For the Down Pillow, hold the top right and bottom left corners and lightly fluff diagonally.

  1. First, unzip the zipper and separate the two layers. You should have an outer pillow with a gray grid and a smaller inner pillow.

  2. Next, pick up the inner pillow. Holding the top right and bottom left corners, lightly fluff diagonally.

  3. Then, place the outer pillow flat on any surface and gently fluff up from the long sides. It will be really tempting to flap the outer pillow like a sheet, but resist the urge! Doing this will cause the fill material will migrate to the far side.

Once both sides are done, you have properly fluffed your pillow. Place the inner pillow inside the outer pillow, zip it up, and reset your alarm.