Don’t worry! Based on our own assembly testing, we have a few solutions that may be helpful.

If for any reason you received a broken piece of hardware, we offer replacement pieces. Just contact our support team and we’ll send it.

If you can’t remove the pegs from the joints, try pushing from the bottom of the peg while pulling on the top. If that doesn’t work, a soft tap on the bottom with a hammer should loosen it up.

If you’re having trouble aligning the middle rail, invite a friend over. It can be helpful to have two people for this step. Grab an end (one head, one toe) and guide each side into place together. For reference, the center rail should sit below the end rail (about one slat thickness) so the slats sit flush or slightly below. If the center rail isn’t fully installed, the slats won’t properly rest on the side rail.

Still stuck?

Try placing the foundation on a different flat surface and put weight on the center rail — yes, you can kind of step on it. Removing, realigning and re-inserting the center rail may also help.

If you are still having issues, we got you. Our customer support team can be reached through email (support@casper.com) or live chat (www.casper.com). You can also text or call us (1-888-498-0003) and we’ll help you get it set up. We're experts.