The Casper Full Mattress

A perfect bed size for teenagers and single adults, the Casper Full Mattress is 54” wide and 75” long. The Casper’s award-winning sleep surface contours to your body and keeps you cool through the night. Given its dimensions, the full fits best in a smaller master bedroom that isn’t large enough to accommodate a queen mattress.

54” X 75” X 10”
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So comfortable, you’ll forget it’s there

After more than 30 engineering improvements and nearly half a million happy customers, the Casper mattress leaves you feeling perfectly supported and practically weightless. It’s more breathable and comfortable than ever.


Tireless improvement

Since launch, we’ve continuously improved this mattress based on research, data, and feedback from our community of more than 400,000 customers. These updates include adding a fourth layer to increase pressure relief, developing proprietary foams for added durability and breathability, and creating a removable cover that’s easier to clean.


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See how we evaluate our products

Our R&D team uses three main methods to inform product improvements:

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User testing

In the beginning, we created beta models and invited friends and seasoned snoozers to A/B test them. We continue to enlist Casper customers to test improvements.

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Durability testing

We do feel testing, force profile testing, airflow testing, rebound testing, compression testing... well, you get the idea. Finally, we simulate 10 years of sleep to make sure it will last and last.

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Our dedicated research team conducts interviews and runs studies to understand sleep habits. These learnings help us make products that reflect real people’s needs.

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Supremely comfortable

Cool by design

Bed surrounded by fans

Cool by design

Unlike traditional memory foam mattresses, the Casper is designed to help you sleep cool. The open-cell top layer uses convection and conduction to flow heat away from your body. Similarly, the memory foam layer leverages airflow to pull heat out of the top layer, leaving you cool and comfortable.

Open-cell top layer & airflow regulation

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Why does heat flow matter?

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While you’re asleep, your body acts like a little thermal engine, putting out the equivalent heat of a 100W light bulb. By using foams that leverage convection (heat transfer through air) and conduction (heat transfer through solids), we’re able to pull heat away from your body, and disperse it back into the atmosphere.

Less stores, more snores

We flipped the mattress industry on its head by eliminating showrooms, employing smart logistics, and using compression technology to ship the Casper in a compact box. This allows us to offer a premium mattress for a fraction of the price.

Changing the way people shop for mattresses

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