Veilleuses Glow (ensemble de deux)

Price: 45,00 C$ Sale Price: 40,50 C$

Veilleuses Glow (ensemble de deux)

Price: 45,00 C$ Sale Price: 40,50 C$

3,8 out of 5 Customer Rating
Veilleuses Glow (ensemble de deux)
Price: 45,00 C$ Sale Price: 40,50 C$
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Raisons de l’aimer:

  • Conçue pour éclairer votre chemin sans perturber votre sommeil.
  • Avec détecteur de mouvement.
  • Idéale pour la chambre à coucher, la salle de bain, le couloir et la cuisine.

Don't Lose Sleep

One Size

Diameter: 2.5" Height (without plug): 1.5"

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Douce pour les yeux.

Le rétroéclairage diffuse une lumière douce et indirecte qui ne vous empêchera pas de vous rendormir après être allé chercher un verre d’eau au milieu de la nuit.

De la lumière, seulement lorsque vous en avez besoin.

Le détecteur de mouvement augmente progressivement la luminosité lorsqu’il y a du mouvement à proximité.

Un éclairage ni trop sombre, ni trop vif. Juste à point.

Un capteur de luminosité réduit automatiquement celle-ci lorsqu’il détecte une autre source de lumière.

Frequently asked questions

No, it keeps the other outlet accessible for a standard plug, but you may not be able to fit a bigger power adapter next to the Glow Night light.

The backlit design provides a gentle, soft light that does not disrupt your sleep and the optional motion sensor offers light whenever you need it.

It turns off only when it senses bright light in the room or when you unplug it. Otherwise, it emits a gentle glow all night.

It’s smart in a different way thanks to its sensors, but the Glow Night Light doesn’t connect to an app or a smart home speaker.

It works equally well in a bedroom, bathroom, hallway, or kitchen. You may like to put one in Sleep Mode in the bedroom and put another one in Night Owl mode in the bathroom to tune the light to your needs.

Designed explicitly for night-time visibility, plug-in night lights are generally safe to leave on through the entire night—just be sure to follow all manufacturer protocols for proper usage.

To further increase not only safety but also energy efficiency, our Glow Night Light features Night Owl Mode, meaning it operates on a motion sensor that gradually increases the light’s brightness when movement is detected. When Night Owl Mode is on, it only emits light when necessary, not when you’re sleeping peacefully in bed.

Many choose to sleep with a night light both for the practicality of navigating their bedroom or hallway in the middle of the night and for the calming effect of ambient light in an otherwise pitch dark setting.

The Casper Glow Night Light has a Sleep Mode which automatically turns the light on as your bedroom gets dark. With a soft pool of indirect soft light, you can enjoy its ambiance without disrupting your sleep.