One Perfect Mattress

Constructing the ideal mattress doesn't happen overnight. Over a 9 month process, we researched and tested every factor, detail, and material that contributes to a great sleep.

While we didn't set out to offer only one mattress, we discovered through user testing that nearly everyone prefers the same firmness and decided to cut through the clutter and confusion to offer a single, perfect choice.

The Casper recipe for sleep

We learned there are four factors that contribute to a good night’s sleep:

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To cater to these factors, we combined two premium mattress materials: latex and memory foams. By layering soft, breathable latex over supportive memory foam, we created a sleep surface that appeals to everyone.

At just 1.5” thick, our plush latex adds a thin layer of softness without compromising the firmer memory foam beneath it. In other words, regardless of your sleep preferences or size, you’ll always feel comfortable and supported on the Casper.

Latex cool

Our Latex Foam Keeps You Cool…

Our synthetic latex blend features a breathable, open-cell design to keep you cool. Air can pass freely beneath your body, even when the material contours to your curves. Also, it’s hypoallergenic, so you never need to worry about latex allergies.

Latex bounce

…And Gives You Bounce

Latex is a fast-response foam, meaning it doesn’t just sink under your weight — it actually pushes back, creating a springy surface. This removes the common complaint that memory foam can make you feel stuck. And since you’re wondering: No, this isn’t the same latex found in the popular bedside utility; but yes, the bounce will aid the same activity.


Our Memory Foam Supports You

Firmer than standard memory foam, the Casper’s supportive layer is engineered to conform to your body with minimal sinkage. Unlike springs, memory foam distributes your weight evenly, relieving pressure from the hip and shoulder areas and properly supporting the contours of your body. Our memory foam also has a low glass transition temperature, which means it stays more consistent in feel across seasonal temperature changes.

Made in usa

Made in the USA

The Casper mattress is designed, developed, and manufactured in the USA, and we ship it directly from our factory. We exclusively work with partners who share a similar obsession for detail and a healthy disrespect for the existing mattress racket.

One Perfect Mattress