We’ve all struggled with impossible-to-understand furniture instructions. When we designed the foundation, we wanted to make sure the assembly process was easy and simple. After a few test runs, we perfected a foundation design that is solid and durable, requires zero tools and takes 10 minutes to put together.

To assemble the Casper foundation, first confirm that you have all the materials you’ll need. The box comes with:

4 corner pegs
2 (longer) side rails
2 (shorter) end rails for the foot and head of the foundation
Support beam that will run down the middle of the foundation, head to foot orientation.
**Please note that twin & twin XL sizes have no support beam, full and queen have one, and king and cal king have two.
2 rolls of slats

Step One: Remove all the pegs from the interlocking joints.

Step Two: Arrange the rails so the arrows point up. Organize them so that the two side rails are parallel and the two end rails are parallel. Now align the joints in the four corners and push them together. It already looks like a foundation!

Step Three: Insert a peg into each of the four joints and push them down firmly, so everything is properly aligned. You don’t want anything to wiggle.

If any of the joints are misaligned, making the peg insertion difficult, try loosening up any pegs that you have already inserted. Now realign the joints and insert all the pegs halfway and then, when everything is aligned, push them in all the way.

Step Four: Align the the support beam so that it’s perpendicular to the two end-rails, and then push the beam down and firmly into place.

Step Five: Place one roll of support slats along an end rail. Unroll the slats towards the center of the foundation, along the support beam. Do this symmetrically with the other roll of slats, starting at the other end. Unroll towards the center so the two sets of slats meet in the middle.

You did it: all you need now is a Casper mattress and it’s nap time.