Inspired by our favorite winter jackets, the Casper R&D team (the same one behind our award-winning mattress!) created the Casper duvet for enjoying the great indoors. Designed for year-round use, the Casper duvet uses naturally insulating duck down clusters to keep you comfortable and cozy.

The carefully considered construction of the Casper duvet was proven to optimize your body’s natural temperature regulation — keeping you comfortable from dusk ’til dawn. The rectangular chambers drape perfectly across your body, while the seams prevent any fill from migrating. Combined with our highly breathable outer cotton shell, the Casper duvet insulates your body without trapping body heat.

Lastly, the duvet was no different when it came to Casper’s signature attention to detail. Discreet tags on either end help identify the head and foot of the duvet — while loops in each corner help keep it in place within your cover.