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Award 2016

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We improve our mattress with data

We have a constant flow of incoming customer feedback, data, and research that our San Francisco R&D team uses to continuously improve the Casper. Some notable improvements since 2014 include a fourth pressure-relieving layer, an easy-to-clean, removable cover, and proprietary foam that greatly improves the breathability of the mattress. The team shares more than 50 patents, and their work on the Casper has earned tens of thousands of 5 star reviews.

But don't take our word for it...

“I like how my Casper supports my hips and shoulders, plus unboxing the mattress was a true joy!!”

– Janaki, Baltimore, 53 years old

We designed a pressure relieving memory foam that supports you where you need it most in any sleep position, from back to side.

“Extremely comfortable. Sleeps myself, my wife, our English bulldog Leeroy, the cat, and our bed still doesn't feel crowded.”

Tyler, 34 years old

Casper’s sleep surface isolates motion so that your sleep partners can rest together soundly.

“It’s like sleeping on a nest woven from a unicorn mane and phoenix feathers.”

– Dillon, Tennessee

Thanks, Dillon. No unicorns and phoenixes (phoeni?) were harmed in the making of the Casper mattress. That magical feeling is just four layers of balanced foams creating a perfect sleep surface.

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