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California King Mattresses

Shop award-winning California King size foam mattresses for great sleep, at an even greater price.


Foam Mattress


Better sleep starts with One.
Price: $1,245 Sale Price: $930


Hybrid Mattress


Dreamy ergonomic comfort.
Price: $1,875 Sale Price: $1,405


Hybrid Mattress


Cooler sleep. All night.
Price: $2,495 Sale Price: $1,870

Dream Max

Hybrid Mattress


The ultimate ergonomic support.
Price: $3,125 Sale Price: $2,340

Snow Max

Hybrid Mattress


Maximum support. Coolest sleep. All night.
Price: $3,745 Sale Price: $2,805

How big is a California King size mattress?

A California King mattress is 84 inches long and 72 inches wide.

Mattress sizing chart

Twin Mattress - 38" x 75"

Often found in kid's rooms and studio apartments.

Twin XL Mattress - 38" x 80"

Often found in college dorm rooms and studio apartments

Full Mattress - 53" x 75"

Often found in guest rooms.

Queen Mattress - 60" x 80"

Often found in master bedrooms.

King Mattress - 76" x 80"

Often found in extra large master bedrooms.

California King Mattress - 72" x 84"

Often found in extra large master bedrooms, perfect for gathering the family.

Ready for the coolest night of your life?

Our cooling, open-cell memory foam makes up the sumptuous layers of the California King Bed. It let's excess hot air escape to keep you breezy and fresh, all night long. If you’ve never slept on a cloud before, you’re in for a treat.

Premium comfort with "just right" firmness

Multiple layers of proprietary memory foam cradle you weightlessly, relieving pressure and lulling you gently to sleep. With its premium materials and precision design, the Cal King delivers this rejuvenating support for years to come.

Free shipping & returns.* Great rest guaranteed.

Order your California King and it’ll appear at your door in a few days. If you don’t love it, let us know within 100 days and we’ll give you a full refund anytime after the 30-Night Adjustment Period.

California King Hybrid Mattresses

Delve into unmatched luxury with our California king hybrid mattresses. Seamlessly integrating the responsive dynamics of coil springs with the lavish embrace of memory foam, these hybrid mattresses are designed to adjust to your shape while imparting gentle support. Thoughtfully crafted, they foster great airflow, promising a fresh and cool night's slumber. Scroll below and immerse yourself in a refined combination of snugness, structural support, and temperature-regulating technology, all customized to enrich your nocturnal haven.

Which Casper California King Size Hybrid Mattress is right for you?

There are three versions to choose from if you're looking for a California King Size Bed. Our hybrid collection combines the pressure relief of our original foam with the added lift from resilient springs.

Snow Max
Wave Hybrid Mattress

Snow Max

Our ultimate cooling hybrid mattress. Engineered with precision-cut foam and encased coils for a breathable and supportive medium-soft feel and Snow Technology for 12+ hours of cooler sleep.

Dream Max

Dream Max

Our ultimate hybrid mattress with precision-cut foam and encased coils. Engineered with a gooey yet supportive medium-soft feel perfect for any sleep style—especially side sleepers.



Our signature cooling hybrid mattress. Designed with soothing foam and encased coils for a supportive, medium feel plus Snow Technology for 12+ hours of cooler sleep.

Dream Hybrid Mattress


Our hybrid mattress pairs responsive foam with traditional encased coils. Designed with a gooey-medium feel that’s perfect for any sleep style—especially side sleepers.

California King Memory Foam Mattresses

Venture into a tranquil sanctuary with our California king size memory foam mattresses. Skillfully designed with state-of-the-art memory foam, these mattresses offer a gateway to a dimension where the curves of your anatomy are delicately embraced, orchestrating spinal alignment and dissolving daily stresses during your sleep. Each memory foam mattress offers a sleep-conducive environment, achieving a harmonious equilibrium between enveloping softness and refreshing ventilation. Continue below to discover the embodiment of restful opulence.

Which California King Size Memory Foam Mattress is right for you?

Our California King mattress comes in different variations. Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly streamlined model or a more luxurious option with extra features, we'll help you find the best California King mattress type for your needs.

The Original


The One was engineered using feedback and data from customers like you. If sleeping on a cloud sounds good, consider this your sweet spot.

Memory Foam vs. Hybrid California King Mattresses

California king memory foam mattresses stand out for their unmatched ability to mold to the sleeper, offering a snug feel and superb motion isolation that creates a unique cocoon of comfort. This personalization in sleep experience ensures that every inch of your body gets the care it needs, maximizing pressure relief.

On the other hand, hybrid mattresses redefine sleeping standards by combining the softness of memory foam with the robust bounce of springs. This synergy forms a mattress that marries the embracing nature of memory foam with amplified ventilation, outstanding edge firmness, and a touch of springiness.

Eager for a deeper dive? Navigate our in-depth memory foam vs. hybrid mattresses guide to find the best fit for your restful needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

A California king bed is 72 inches wide and 84 inches long—the longest standard mattress size available.

The extra length makes California king beds perfect for taller sleepers, couples with pets or kids, or large bedrooms. As long as your bedroom is at least 12 x 12 feet, you can accommodate a California king.

While a California king is longer, it actually takes up less total space than a king mattress, but only by a few square inches. Typically, a king-sized mattress is 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. Compared to the California king size —72 x 84 inches—a king adds 4 inches in width but loses 4 in length.

Both sizes provide a luxurious amount of room for couples and solo sleepers alike. The difference in length vs. width comes down to individual preferences and sleeping configurations. The size difference does not have a large effect on the layout of other bedroom furniture. A standard king-sized bed may fit those who need that extra wiggle room from side to side for pets, children, or simple comfort. Meanwhile, a California king bed frame better fits tall sleepers or lengthier rooms.

An Alaskan king bed is typically 108 x 108 inches, a perfect square and the largest bed size on the market. Compared to a California king bed—72 x 84 inches—the Alaskan king is 36 inches wider and 22 inches longer.

Due to its very large size, most homes can’t accommodate an Alaskan king bed—your bedroom would need to measure at least 16 x 16 feet. And because an Alaskan king is square-shaped, it also makes for an unusual interior design feature. For most homes, a California king mattress is plenty large enough.

Across all markets, an Alaskan king size bed—108 x 108 inches—is the largest available standard size. But for most homes and sleepers, it’s not a practical bed size to own, especially if you want your bedroom to be more than a sleeping space and include other furniture. Buying an Alaskan king size mattress might even prove difficult.

If you’re looking for a large, luxurious bed, we recommend a Casper Cal king mattress (72 x 84 inches) or a standard king mattress (76 x 80 inches). For tall sleepers who want extra support, a California king memory foam mattress with springs like the Wave Hybrid or Nova Hybrid will provide the length and lift you need.

You can put these mattresses directly onto a platform bed frame, sleigh bed, or any other type of bed frame.

How Casper keeps prices low and quality high

When Casper was founded in 2014, many people were skeptical. Would consumers really buy a standard king size mattress without testing it first? Several years and numerous awards later, we have an answer: It turns out no one likes visiting stuffy mattress showrooms to make high-stakes purchases under the scrutiny of needy salespeople. (Who knew??)

Everyone loves the ease and convenience of buying online from a trusted source, and having a high-quality mattress shipped in a box to their doorstep. And people keep spreading the word that our mattresses deliver unparalleled comfort and support, top-notch construction quality, and high-tech, innovative design.

But the Casper experience isn’t just about quality, trust, and transparency. Our mattresses are a mere fraction of other brands’ prices. That’s because we’ve flipped the mattress industry on its head. By eliminating showrooms and middlemen, we keep our costs low - and pass those savings on directly to you.