Casper Mattress with Cartoons

Sleep for All

We know all too well that our days are defined by how we spend our nights. But what if you could guarantee that every night was sated with slumber so that every day brimmed with brilliance?

We created Casper because better sleep makes for better living.

We constantly innovate sleep research, products, and services because it's our mission to help everyone achieve their best life possible.

Learning From The Best — You

Chapter 1: Research

Illustration (Therapy in Bed)

People Inspire Us...

Before we do anything, we talk to each other, our friends and family, focus groups, and scientists. This is how we learn about what people love, hate, want, need, and dream of.

Illustration (Dogs in Bed)

...And Push Us

At every stage of our process, we “people-proof” by having volunteers test and review prototypes so they can really get a sense for how things feel. If they don’t love it, we keep working.

It’s important to get other people’s experiences, opinions, and thoughts to inform what you’re making.

Jeff Chapin, Co-founder & Chief Product Officer

Solving Real Problems

Chapter 2: Design

Illustration (Detective in Bed)

In the bedroom...

Once we know what we need to achieve, we set out to find the right materials for the job. And we make sure we understand how those materials will affect how people sleep.

Illustration (Dogs in Lab)

...And in the industry

If our products cost less than the competition, it’s because we found a better way of doing things, not because we cut corners or went with the lesser option.

Creating the best experience possible

Chapter 3: Customer Relationships

Illustration (Knights on Casper Mattress)

For the body...

We want you to be absolutely certain that you love our products, which is why we give you 100 risk-free nights to truly put them to the test. Your comfort is what we care about most.

Illustration (Animals in Casper Bed)

...And the Mind

We vow to always be open with our customers, and we encourage you to provide honest feedback in return. For as long as you sleep and wake, we'll do whatever it takes to spend every night with you.