Early in our research, we learned there are four key factors that affect sleep quality: comfort, support, temperature, and durability.

Not only did our mattress have to be soft and cushy, it needed to provide excellent support and stay cool through the night. And, of course, it needed to last.

We spent 9 months visiting 15 factories to test and understand the properties of 100+ foam samples.

Factors We Considered

Human Tested and Approved

After exploring more than a hundred configurations, we narrowed our selection down to two dozen beta models for qualitative user testing. We invited people from all walks of life to A/B test our most promising prototypes.

To do so, we built mattresses with different constructions on each side so our sleepers could easily compare the differences.

100+ formulations of foam
3,240 hours of testing
108 prototypes developed

One Perfect Mattress

Our research led us to the discovery that a single, well-balanced sleep surface could cater to the vast majority of sleeping positions, body types, and slumber eccentricities.

We developed our award-winning combination of memory, comfort, and support foams, with each component specifically chosen for its properties and how they work together.

Dream Marriage

The secret to the Casper mattress is our combination of pressure-relieving memory foam under a springy, breathable comfort layer. The top layer provides just enough sink, so you’ll always feel fully supported by the pressure-relieving memory foam layer beneath.

Because the comfort layer is breathable, the full contouring to your body doesn’t result in the same overheating that an all-memory foam surface creates. Its springiness also removes any sensation of being stuck (and provides a helping hand to indoor sports). See how Casper users review the award-winning mattress.

Impressive Compression

Because we use high-quality, resilient foams, we’re able to compress the Casper mattress without undermining its integrity. By using a unique compression machine, we ensure that no undue pressure is put on any part of the sleep surface.

This allows us to conveniently ship our mattress in a manageable box for less.

Unboxing a Casper Mattress
Illustration (Delivery Route)

Partners with Integrity

The Casper mattress is manufactured in the UK. We exclusively work with partners who share a similar obsession for detail and a healthy disrespect for the existing mattress industry.

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