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Foster dogs fine healthy sleep on Casper bed!
Submitted on 09-09-2016

We have been fostering dogs for decades... so when an angel donator donated a Casper bed to our organization, we couldn't wait to receive it and we knew just which of our fosters could benefit from this product. Otis is a 10 year old Terrier mix who had a extremely tough life leaving him blind and deaf. When we received the product - we LOVED the box, especially opening it up and seeing the dog and ears and especially the pancake toy too! But when we put it together and Otis stepped on it - he just dropped onto the bed and rolled on his back. He LOVES to put his head on the bumper. What we really like about the bed too - is that we can even cuddle up with him at night (he can be a little anxious at night) - and there is room for us too! Otis is getting the best, most healing recuperative sleep ever! Thank you so much for designing such a wonderful product!

Dog Bed is so Disappointing!
Submitted on 21-09-2016

I was excited to see that Casper was developing a dog bed. I have an older dog and I wanted to get her a better bed. Wow - was I disappointed!

I can't believe Casper put their name on this dog bed. It appears to be a slab of cheap foam with 4 foam bolsters in a cover. It certainly doesn't feel like there is any memory foam.

I was less than impressed when I was putting it together, but believing the hype that it was developed by engineers etc., I hoped my dog would love it. I really wanted to upgrade her dog bed. Sadly this bed is a downgrade.

My dog prefers her old bed which has some memory foam chunks, over the Casper foam bed. I sat on it and it feels like I am sitting on a cheap, thin, floor cushion. Her other bed is much better, and it was less expensive.

Puppy love!
Submitted on 06-10-2016

Brody thinks has died and has gone to heaven. He spent many hours on mom and dads Casper during the day. Now he doesn't even jump up. He just curls up on his own Casper. Thanks for another great product!

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