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Le Sommier

Price: 399,00 C

Le Sommier

Price: 399,00 C

4,2 out of 5 Customer Rating
Le Sommier
Price: 399,00 C
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Notre sommier procure à n'importe quel matelas Casper le soutien nécessaire et s'assemble en quelques minutes seulement.

Don't Lose Sleep

Created to support your mattress, the foundation is proven to stand up to years of sleep. Set it up in minutes with easy, no-tool assembly.


74" x 37.5" x 7.5"

Twin XL

79" x 37.5" x 7.5"


74" x 52.5" x 7.5"


79" x 59.5" x 7.5"


79" x 75.5" x 7.5"

California King

71.5" x 83" x 7.5"

Solid and/or Engineered Wood Frame and Slats Woven Exterior Upholstery Non-Woven Interior and Slat Upholstery

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Works with any mattress. Requires a simple metal bed frame, slatted bed frame, or a platform (if you want extra height). The foundation should not be put directly on the floor.

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La base d’un sommeil réparateur

Une construction robuste

Une construction robuste

Fabriqué à base de bois massif, le sommier a été testé rigoureusement pour résister à des années de sommeil.
Un espacement idéal des lattes

Un espacement idéal des lattes

Les lattes de sommiers plus anciens ont tendance à être trop espacées, laissant le matelas s'affaisser. Les lattes de notre sommier sont espacées de 10 cm, l'écart idéal pour un soutien optimal.
S'assemble sans peine

S'assemble sans peine

Il s'assemble sans souci et sans outils en quelques minutes seulement, et se démonte tout aussi facilement.

The Foundation


Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t recommend putting the Casper foundation directly on the floor. The chambray upholstering that covers the foundation’s sides is not designed for it. Doing so can cause unsightly wear and we want your Casper bed set to stay in perfect condition — and be eligible for warranty.

Much like the foundation of your home, a mattress foundation provides critical support for the entire bed. To keep sagging at bay, you need a strong and leveled base for your mattress. At Casper, our foundations are designed to protect all mattresses from degradation, no matter the bed frame or material. For sleepers with no bed base or just an old box spring, it’s time for an upgrade.

Unlike old box springs and sagging foundations, a quality mattress base provides a solid surface that ensures lasting support. Your mattress will remain in peak condition for years to come, alongside many sleep-supporting benefits:

  • Improved sleep and comfort
  • No mattress sagging
  • Secured mattress placement
  • Improved airflow

Alongside Casper mattresses, our foundations are designed for long-lasting support. With our compact slat design, you won’t be bothered by gaps or sharp pressure points.

In short, one that protects your mattress and improves your sleep. Mattress bases range from metal slats to solid platforms. At Casper, we prefer our wooden slat model for a mattress base. The closely-spaced beams evenly level your mattress, providing structure without sacrificing comfort. This bed base is great for all types of mattresses and provides greater support compared to a traditional box spring or foundation.

Not quite. Both foundations and box springs provide a base support layer for any mattress type. However, box springs add a little extra give and increase breathability, while foundations are for overall support.

A box spring is any wood or metal bed frame containing coiled springs covered by cloth. This once-popular design is now mostly found on older beds.

A foundation is any non-spring bed base, from metal or wooden slats to solid platforms. Slat models provide more air circulation and flexibility, while solid bases give the firmest support.

Both slats and solid foundations are an ideal box spring alternative for better mattress protection.

Learn more in our guide on Platform Bed vs. Box Spring.

The ideal height for a foundation is between six and twelve inches. Shorter mattresses might benefit from a taller foundation and taller mattresses from a shorter base. When it’s all evened out with a bed frame and mattress, most beds are about two feet tall, though it’s really a matter of personal preference. Our mattress base measures 7.5” high, making it compatible with most beds.


Created to support your mattress, the foundation is proven to stand up to years of sleep. Set it up in minutes with easy, no-tool assembly.


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