We know nothing beats climbing up into a bed… and falling gently down into it. We recommend using the Casper foundation in tandem with the simple metal frame that we offer on our site. Together with the Casper mattress, this setup will elevate you approximately 26 inches off the ground. With the Casper Wave, it will be about 27 inches off the ground.

In addition to adding height, a good foundation impacts a mattress’s overall performance. Foundations provide support under your mattress and help distribute weight evenly to make sure it feels consistently comfortable for longer.

The Casper foundation was designed with Casper mattresses in mind, but it works with any mattress. In fact, since Casper mattresses need a particularly sturdy setup, the foundation is durable enough for any and all beds on the market. It features sturdy spruce beams, and will raise the mattress an additional 7.5 inches.

You can assemble the Casper foundation in less than 15 minutes — and if for any reason your height or decor preferences change, it can be easily disassembled and stored away. It was also designed to fit perfectly with the frame. The frame is made from 100% recycled steel, and can also be assembled and disassembled quickly and easily.

If you decide to use a different foundation and frame, make sure you are resting your mattress directly on something very supportive and flat. The surface you put your mattress on should have solid wood slats that are no more than 4 inches apart. Some of our customers also use risers in order to maximize the storage space under their bed. As long as your setup has accurate support for your mattress, you can rest assured you’ll sleep great.