How To Put on a Duvet Cover: Two Easy Methods

January 6, 2021 | Casper Editorial Team

If you’re like many people, you’ve struggled to put on a duvet cover. You may find yourself flinging the comforter inside with the end result resembling a lumpy bag of coal. We’re here to help you snooze smarter. Sleep is important to us at Casper and we don’t want you sleeping under a lumpy mountain of bedding. We want you dozing under the fluffy duvet of your dreams. 

Before you start, we’re going to save your life with one simple trick: flip the duvet cover inside out beforehand. This is the most common mistake we see people make. In this visual guide, we teach you how to put on a duvet cover easily, with two simple methods.

The California Roll Method

Also known as the burrito method, the California roll duvet cover method is our favorite at Casper. Use our video above or follow the instructions below for an easy step-by-step guide.

  1. Take your duvet cover and flip it inside out. Then, lay down the cover flat with the opening at the foot of the bed.
  1. Lay your insert on top of the cover — ensuring that all edges and corners match up neatly. This step is important. The more aligned you can get the edges, the easier this will be. If your duvet cover comes with ties or snaps, tie all four corners of the duvet to the cover.
  1. Once aligned, grab the edge opposite the opening of the duvet cover and begin to roll tightly. Adjust as you go, making sure that everything stays together.
  1. Once your bedding looks like a burrito, grab one end of the roll and open the duvet cover. Take the opening of the duvet cover and stuff the insert inside — turning it inside out. You will essentially be inverting the duvet cover opening around the ends. Once done, fasten any buttons or zip up the duvet cover opening.
  1. Lastly, unroll the duvet carefully. Make sure to shake and straighten as you go so the filling is evenly distributed. Then give it one last fluff and you’re done!

This method does take some practice. Use the illustrations and steps above to help guide you through the process.

The Traditional Method

The traditional method is similar to the California roll method, but you start by laying your duvet on the bed first. Then turn your duvet cover inside out and place it on top. Follow our step-by-step visual guide below for the whole process.

  1. Start by laying your duvet (or insert) over your bed.
  1. Next, make sure your duvet cover is turned inside out. Then, lay the duvet cover on top of the duvet — ensuring that all corners line up and that the opening is at the foot of the bed.
  1. If your duvet cover has ties or snaps, tie all four corners of the duvet to the cover. 
  1. Starting at the foot of the bed, place your hands inside the duvet cover and grab the top corners. Pinch each corner — making sure you have both the insert and the cover — and flip the cover right side out.
  1. Keeping each corner of the duvet cover in your hand, lift up and slide the cover down on top of the rest of the insert. Hold the duvet cover and adjust as you go. Once the cover is fully over the insert, tie the bottom ties together (if your cover comes with them).
  1. Once done, give your duvet cover a good shake and fluff to make sure everything came out correctly.

Seems pretty straightforward, right? It may take a few tries to get the hang of it, but soon you’ll be putting your duvet cover on in seconds.

The Benefits of Using a Duvet and a Duvet Cover

Many people confuse a duvet and a comforter, however, a duvet is a quilted blanket that comes in two pieces — a duvet and a duvet cover. If you like fluffier bedding, a duvet is perfect. Duvets come in a variety of weights and styles that allow you to customize the look of your bedroom. The cover is easily interchangeable so you can switch up your bedroom decor in seconds. 

Duvet covers protect your duvet from getting dirty — safeguarding against dirt, sweat, and stains. They are easy to replace and very easy to clean — just take off the duvet cover and throw it in the wash. 

The Casper duvet cover is made with 100% organic cotton, creating a ridiculously soft and smooth texture. Pair that with one of our fluffy duvets and you’ll be dozing off to dreamland in seconds.