Jonathan Eilenberg, CPE

Sr. Ergonomics Engineer & Expert Contributor to Casper Blog

Jonathan Eilenberg is an accomplished Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE) with a rich background in Design and Environmental Analysis, specializing in Human Factors and Ergonomics. He holds a degree from Cornell University, where he delved into various disciplines, including industrial, graphic, and interior design, as well as ergonomics, anthropometrics, and biomechanics. His expertise lies in understanding how human behavior and performance are influenced by the built environment, focusing on how small changes in workspace design can significantly impact productivity and comfort.

Jonathan’s career began with a focus on improving workplace ergonomics, where he provided valuable insights and tools to companies for enhancing employee comfort and reducing long-term injuries such as neck pain, shoulder pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome. After six years in occupational injury prevention, he transitioned to Casper, where he applies his knowledge to the realm of sleep.

Contribution to Casper’s Innovations

At Casper, Jonathan’s role involves developing mattresses that are not only comfortable but also biomechanically supportive for a diverse range of sleepers. He emphasizes the importance of proper sleep posture and how the right sleep system can prevent discomfort, thereby enhancing the body’s recovery process during sleep. His work at Casper mirrors his previous roles, focusing on product design to encourage good posture and minimize discomfort and injury risk.

Jonathan’s approach to ergonomics extends beyond the workplace and into everyday life, advocating for awareness of neck and shoulder positioning and the importance of maintaining a straight spine during both work and sleep. His expertise and dedication to ergonomics make him a pivotal figure at Casper, contributing significantly to our understanding of how our environment impacts our physical well-being.