Are Weighted Blankets Hot?

August 27, 2021 | Casper Editorial Team

Do you struggle with stress or insomnia? If you toss and turn through the night, you may have heard of a new solution in bedding to promote a more restful sleep: weighted blankets. In which case, you may be curious about the benefits of weighted blankets. Weighted blankets offer relaxation by providing therapeutic pressure that increases feel-good, sleep-enhancing neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin. 

But if you consider yourself a hot sleeper, you may balk at the idea of an extra layer, especially an extra heavy one. So, is this concern well-founded? Are weighted blankets hot to sleep under? Should a hot sleeper avoid them in scorching weather or sultry climates or altogether?

Rest assured—while the idea of a heavy blanket might make us hot and bothered, weighted blankets don’t have to get in the way of a cool night’s sleep. Read on to learn everything you need to know about how to get the most restful sleep with a breathable weighted blanket.

Made with cool, moisture-wicking cotton, the Casper Weighted Blanket will give you a feel-good cozy sleep without the sweats. Enjoy the benefits of a weighted blanket with us.

Are Weighted Blankets Good for Hot Sleepers?

Weighted blankets can work for everyone, even hot sleepers. These therapy blankets provide comfort and coziness for all users by performing Deep Pressure Stimulation (DPS). DPS feels like an all-over hug (the kind that makes you instantly relax and feel better about life). Just like a hug, Deep Pressure Stimulation sparks all sorts of good feelings: happiness, relaxation, and security.1

Whether you tend to sweat through the sheets or shiver in the dark, you can benefit from the calming effects of a weighted blanket like Casper’s ultra-relaxing Weighted Blankets. 

Weighted blankets, with their grounding quality, even target some of the underlying causes of night sweats and temperature fluctuations that plague adults. 

To understand why, let’s take a look at the root causes of sleeping hot.

What Makes You Hot at Night?

Sometimes, what’s making us hot at night has less to do with what’s on our beds and more to do with what’s going on in our bodies—and in our heads.

Factors that affect your temperature while you sleep include:

  • Sleep environment Broken air conditioners, heat waves, and heavy fabrics like fleece and flannel can all make it more likely that you overheat at night.
  • Hormones – Adults entering perimenopause report increased hot flashes during sleep. Dips in estrogen and progesterone typical in menopause can also cause women to develop sleep apnea, of which night sweats are a symptom.2
  • Anxiety and PTSD – Nocturnal panic attacks associated with anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can trigger chills, hot flashes, and sweating. The thrashing and increased heart rate that accompanies nightmares can also make our body heat rise.2

With this in mind, you might feel a bit of doubt about the effectiveness of a weighted blanket. You might even be wondering, Won’t an additional layer fan the flames of these sleep-defeating scenarios?

Not necessarily. It’s possible that weighted blankets can play an important part in managing sleep and stress hormones. Their DPS function can help to decrease cortisol levels—the stress hormone. While the stress hormone decreases, the body’s sleep hormone—melatonin—increases, leading to a more restful night’s sleep. 

The perfect weighted blanket can provide deep touch pressure relief for those who suffer from hormone or stress-related anxiety. As a result, the heavier blanket can prevent subsequent night sweats and hot flashes.3 

That’s right—this extra weight might actually help you sleep sounder throughout the night.

Hot sleepers, however, should be selective when searching for a weighted blanket brand that will allow for airflow without upping the sweat factor.

How to Find a Weighted Blanket That Isn’t Hot

Since not all weighted blankets are created equal, the next question on your mind may be how to choose a weighted blanket. Key factors like the fabric used to cover the heavier blanket and the weight option that you select at check out can impact your ability to keep cool all year long. 

It’s a misconception that the heaviness of a weighted blanket makes it hot to sleep under. Instead, it’s the fabric that lines the outside of the blanket that determines whether the weighted blanket makes it a suitable sleep companion for all seasons. 

So, how heavy should a weighted blanket be for your particular case? To prevent any unnecessary overheating, choose a blanket that is 10% of your body weight.

Wondering how to stay cool at night with a weighted blanket? Avoid weighted blankets that are lined with heat-trapping, synthetic materials like flannel and fleece, and go for ones with covers made from breathable, natural fibers.

Some popular natural fibers are:

  • Cooling Bamboo
  • Eucalyptus
  • Cotton

Covers made from natural fibers—like ours, which is made from cool, moisture-wicking cotton—draw heat and moisture away from the body, providing insulation during chilly months and allowing for ventilation that keeps you cool and dry on muggy nights.4

Don’t Let Hot Sleep Weigh You Down

With its ability to boost melatonin and reduce cortisol, the perfect weighted blanket can be a great way for sleepers who struggle to get some shut-eye. 

But unlike with books, you should judge a weighted blanket by its cover. 

Natural fibers with superior airflow like moisture-wicking cotton will keep you cool while you keep calm. Ready to find the sheets, duvet, pillows, and cooling weighted blanket suited to your bed and sleep style? Shop with Casper today and drift off into cool, comfortable sleep.


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