Biggest Bed Size: Texas vs Alaskan vs Wyoming King & More

September 7, 2023 | Casper Editorial Team

With so many bed sizes to choose from, it can get overwhelming when trying to pick the right one. If you’re looking to go big or go home, oversized mattress options like the Wyoming, Texas, and Alaskan King bed provide unbeatable space and comfort. But how do you choose? We’re breaking down the differences between these titanic mattresses to help you pick the right mattress for your needs.

The Evolution of Bed Sizes

Twin. Full. Queen. King. Cal King. We know these standard mattress sizes by heart. But what happens when you want to go even bigger? That’s where oversized mattress options come into play.

These giants have emerged in recent years as bedroom upgrades for those craving maximum personal space or have special needs. For couples, families, and even solo sleepers, an oversized bed offers room to stretch out and reduce nighttime disturbances.

Data from the International Sleep Products Association (ISPA) reveals a trend towards larger mattresses. In 2018, 41.4% of mattresses shipped in the U.S. were queens, while 17.8% were kings. This is a noticeable increase from 2010.1 One driving factor behind this shift is the affordability brought about by competition and the rise of online mattress stores. Larger mattresses also offer more comfort, especially for couples, as they reduce disturbances when one partner moves. The introduction of king-size mattresses post-World War II saw a surge in popularity, with sales jumping from 1% in the 1950s to over 10% in the 1960s.2 Some brands even cater to families co-sleeping with children or pets, offering super-sized mattresses like the ones described below.

Today, you’ll find big and bigger mattress sizes offered by national department stores, specialized online bedding brands, and local mattress showrooms looking to stand out. The demand continues to rise for these oversized sleep surfaces that promise hotel-style comfort in the large bed category of the master bedroom. With such a range of options available, everyone can find their perfect fit for a restful night.

Why Consider an Oversized Mattress?

Maybe you’re tall or just like to sprawl out while you sleep. Perhaps your partner tosses and turns, disturbing you during the night. Or you have kids or pets that end up in your King bed.

Whatever your reasons, an oversized mattress can be the perfect solution if you:

  • Want extra space to wiggle around and get comfy at night
  • Need space to avoid waking your partner when moving around
  • Have kids/pets join you in bed and want room for everyone
  • Like spreading out with plush bedding, pillows, and other accessories
  • Simply enjoy the luxurious feel of an ultra-spacious sleep space

By providing expanded dimensions compared to conventional sizes, these giant mattresses give sleepers the freedom to stretch, roll, and reposition without boundaries. Without fear of slipping off the sides or having limbs hanging off, you can find your ideal sleeping position much easier.

Oversized mattresses also allow couples to tailor each side more to their personal preferences. One sleeper can create a mountain of pillows without invading the other’s space. Partners may also prefer different mattress feels, so larger sizes accommodate customization through toppers and pads on each side.

Let’s look at some popular oversized options that deliver these expansive sleep benefits.

Diving into the Giants: A Closer Look

If you’re in the market for a King size mattress so big it needs its own area code, here are three popular oversized options to consider.

Wyoming King Bed

The Wyoming King is truly mountainous, measuring a vast 84 x 84 inches. Imagine how expansive the iconic Wyoming sky and terrain are, and you’ll get a sense of the absolutely indulgent sleeping space this mattress offers.

Who’s it for? Square footage dreams. The Wyoming King’s symmetrical shape makes it ideal for centering in large, open master bedrooms. Each side is the same width, so couples get equal room. And the 120-inch diagonal length leaves plenty of space to stretch out diagonally.

With 7,056 square inches of surface area, you may need a map just to navigate this mattress. It provides over 1,000 inches more sleeping real estate than a standard King size bed. The spacious symmetry allows flexible configurations for couples or individuals. And no partner will feel short-changed on their side.

Texas King Bed

At 80 x 98 inches, the long and large Texas King mattress gives couples the freedom to sprawl out. Its extended length beats a standard King size bed by 4 inches.

Who’s it for? Lone Star luxury. With its extra linear space, the Texas King is great for taller individuals or couples with varying heights. The width also allows partners to get distance if needed, while the length accommodates a tall person’s frame. It’s basically twin extra long beds combined into one.

Comparing a Texas King vs California King, the Texas King’s expanded 98-inch length compared to the Cal King’s 84-inch length does wonders for tall sleepers. Fewer contortions are required to keep limbs on the mattress, allowing you to sleep straight and comfortably. The added length also creates more overall surface area than a King for broad sleeping positions.

Alaskan King Bed

For those who just can’t get enough space for their sleep setup, the Alaskan King mattress is a frosty cool 108 x 108 inches. That’s nine feet square of mattress majesty. This mega mattress is so ridiculously huge it requires custom bedding, and finding a bed frame to house this behemoth can be a challenge in itself.

Who’s it for? Room for all the mountains and glaciers. The Alaskan King dwarfs all other mattress sizes, so it’s ideal for families who pile into one bed. Couples who love to cocoon in covers and pillows will find plenty of room for lavish bedding. Even solo VIP sleepers can live like royalty.

At a whopping 11,664 square inches, the Alaskan King provides over 5,000 more inches of real estate when comparing a California King vs Alaskan King. It’s basically two King beds fused together to create a sleeping space almost as big as some studio apartments in NYC.

Other Noteworthy Oversized Mattresses

Beyond the biggest of the big three, other enhanced mattress sizes provide a bit more room than a standard King:

  • California King: 72 x 84 inches. 4 inches narrower but 4 inches longer than a King. Great for taller folks. Comparing the California King vs King, a Cal King preserves the ample length sleepers over 6 feet tall need, while just slimming down the width a touch compared to a standard King.
  • Split King: Two 38 x 80 inch mattresses designed to give couples personalized comfort and support on each side. A split king bed offers more space than a Twin XL, and is a great choice for partners with divergent mattress needs. The split center allows setting up each side your way.
  • Olympic Queen: 66 x 80 inches. Wider than a Queen for more individual room. With an extra 4 inches of width compared to a standard Queen size mattress, couples can spread out more comfortably without having to upgrade all the way to a King.
  • Super King: This member of the King family measures 72 x 78 inches, so slightly shorter but wider than a standard King. The Super King’s extra surface area while fitting in smaller bedrooms.
  • Alberta King: This spacious square mattress measures 96 x 96 inches. This mattress size is perfect for a plush master bedroom upgrade with equal expanded dimensions.
  • Family Bed: At a massive 144 x 84 inches, the Family Bed accommodates parents and multiple kids with ample room for everyone. Great for co-sleeping families.
SizeFamily BedAlaskan KingAlberta KingTexas KingWyoming KingSplit KingCalifornia KingSuper KingOlympic Queen
Width144 in108 in96 in80 in84 in38 in72 in72 in66 in
Length84 in108 in96 in98 in84 in80 in84 in78 in80 in
Surface Area12,096 in211,664 in29,216 in27,840 in27,056 in26,080 in26,048 in25,616 in25,280 in2
Mattress ShapeRectangleSquareSquareRectangleSquareSplit rectangleRectangleRectangleRectangle

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Oversized Mattress

Once you’ve decided to size up from a standard mattress, there are a few things to keep in mind as you shop oversized options.

  • Room size. Make sure the mattress dimensions will actually fit in your bedroom. Measure carefully. Will it fit through doors and stairwells? Leave room for accessing nightstands.
  • Sheet availability. Finding bed sheets for mega mattress sizes can be tricky. Specialty bedding is required and can be expensive. Even size splits like Cal King have limited sheet options.
  • Couples preferences. Consider your different needs in terms of mattress feel, firmness, cooling, etc. A split model may be the answer for accommodating unique sleeping styles.
  • Joint comfort. Size isn’t everything. An oversized mattress still needs to provide adequate support and pressure relief for both individuals. Research materials, spinal alignment, motion isolation, and other shared features.
  • Adjustable base compatibility. If you want to add an adjustable bed base, not all supersized mattresses accommodate them. Make sure to check weight limits and dimensions. You may need an oversized adjustable base.
  • Budget. These giant mattresses come with giant price tags generally starting around $2,500 and going up from there, sometimes seen at $7,000 or more. Prepare to splurge. Factor in added bedding costs too.

The Casper Advantage

Here at Casper, we’re reimagining what a great night’s sleep can be. Our award-winning bed mattresses combine advanced comfort technologies to deliver cool, buoyant support for all-night alignment. Top ratings for spinal alignment, cooling, and pressure relief confirm we’ve designed mattresses that work for virtually every sleeper.

While Casper doesn’t currently offer the absolute largest oversized mattress options, our flexible King and Cal King models provide cool, supportive comfort in a bigger bed. So you can spread out without sacrificing amazing sleep.

Plus, with our unique 100-night trial, you can test out one of our King mattresses risk-free. Love it or we’ll come remove it and issue a full refund. No questions asked. We’ll even pick it up from your home when arranging a return.

Don’t need the biggest of the big? Check our full mattress line to find the perfect fit for your best rest. Our innovative three-layer foam construction delivers comfort, support, and breathability in any standard size you choose.


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