Why Adjustable Bed Frames are Worth the Investment

April 29, 2023 | Casper Editorial Team

Once upon a time, adjustable bed frames were rarely seen outside of hospitals or nursing homes. With customizable functionality and seemingly limitless positions, they’ve always been the perfect alternative to standard frames for anyone coming back from an injury, dealing with mobility issues, or living with certain sleep disorders.

Thankfully, we’ve all come to a very important conclusion: the convenience and versatility of adjustable beds can be something everyone enjoys. Adjustable bed frames can offer more rejuvenating rest, better comfort, and muscular relief.

So, are adjustable frames worth it? In our humble opinion, they’re worth every penny. Once we outline all the reasons why, we think you’ll conclude the same.

What Are the Benefits of an Adjustable Bed Frame?

The first adjustable bed frame was invented by Dr. Willis Drew Gatch way back in 1909.1 An accomplished surgeon and eventual chair of the Indiana University School of Medicine, Dr. Gatch developed an early type of adjustable bed with the goal of helping post-surgical patients convalesce in comfort. 

Eponymously called the “Gatch Bed,” the original model was designed to promote: 

  • Efficient bladder and bowel irrigation
  • Drainage from surgical wounds
  • Easier breathing

Nowadays, adjustable bed frames are becoming increasingly popular outside of healthcare as more people are switching out their standard frames for movable models. This is thanks to the many sleep-boosting benefits of contemporary designs, which can include:2 

  • Elevated comfort, especially for people with temporary or chronic pain
  • Increased ease of getting in and out of bed
  • Helping prevent digestion issues like heartburn and acid reflux

Are Adjustable Bed Frames Worth It?

Modern adjustable beds are far more advanced than the prototype Dr. Gatch invented over a century ago.1 Not only do their present-day successors offer more sleeping comfort, but many of them also come equipped with added amenities, such as:3

  • Audio speakers 
  • Programmable bed lighting
  • Sleep monitoring
  • USB ports
  • Voice assistance

As such, adjustable frames can be a bit more expensive than other traditional beds on the market—they can cost between $1,000 and $3,000 on average. But when you purchase from a trusted manufacturer like Casper and stay on top of maintenance and service as instructed, an adjustable frame can improve your sleep for years to come with few service interruptions. 

Casper is proud to offer adjustable beds in three phenomenal models and a variety of sizes, all at prices that won’t give you nightmares. You can choose between the following models:

  • Adjustable Base – Our standard Adjustable Base Frame features full-body adjustability and fantastic features like sleep position presets that take the guesswork out of finding your sweet sleep spot. Beginning at $795, this model is available in five standard sizes: Twin XL, Full, Queen, Split King, and California King sizes. 
  • Adjustable Base Pro – Balanced support, Anti-Snore technology for better breathing, and premium flexibility that responds to your unique sleep needs are just some of the incredible features offered by our Adjustable Base Pro model. Starting at $1,295, our Pro model is available to fit Twin XL, Queen, Split King, and California King sizes. 
  • Adjustable Base Max – Are you looking for an adjustable bed with enough features that you can personalize your entire sleep experience? Look no further than our Adjustable Base Max, our most innovative adjustable frame to date. Available in Twin XL, Queen, Split King, and California King sizes. 

Is an Adjustable Bed Frame Right For You?

If you’ve been thinking of purchasing an adjustable bed base, the real question isn’t “are adjustable bed frames worth it?” The question you should be asking is, are they worth it for you?

To help answer this question, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. So before you decide whether or not to bring one home, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you have mobility issues that complicate getting in and out of  your cozy bed?
  • Do you have chronic back pain from conditions like osteoarthritis or spinal stenosis?
  • Do you snore or have a sleep condition such as sleep apnea?
  • Do you experience frequent cases of heartburn or acid reflux?

Answering “yes” to any or all of these questions could be an indication that purchasing an adjustable frame might be a worthy investment in your overall health and wellness.

Invest In Your Sleep With a Casper Adjustable Bed Frame 

Join the population of sleepers who have discovered why adjustable bed frames are alive and well in this day and age. Personalize a sleep experience that fits your wellness needs—and never look back at your standard metal bed frame again.

At Casper, we’ve been investing in helping people everywhere get the sleep of their dreams since 2014. 

Whether you’re in the market for a tech-savvy adjustable bed base, a stylish and sophisticated traditional frame, or a new hybrid mattress that offers award-winning comfort and unique innovations you won’t find from other classic brands, we’re the company you can trust to deliver a truly restful sleep. Plus, with free shipping, 30-night trials, and free returns, we take the risk out of investing in your sleep. 

Get started today with our Mattress Quiz, chat with one of our incredible customer service technicians, then browse our collection to find the winter, fall, spring, summer mattress or bed frame that’s right for you.


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