When is the Best Time to Buy a Mattress?

November 3, 2020 | Casper Editorial Team

Catching eight hours of superb shut-eye can be the difference between waking up stressed and feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. And because your mattress plays a massive role in your sleep quality, it’s essential to replace an old mattress after it reaches the end of its lifespan, which is usually around 7-10 years.

So, when is the best time to buy a mattress? Well, to ensure you’re sleeping soundly, the best time to buy a new mattress is as soon as you identify the clear signs you need a new mattress.

With that said, you won’t always land the best mattress price deal by jumping right into a purchase. If you’re looking to save money—without compromising on quality—the best time to buy a mattress is usually around a holiday weekend.

At Casper, you can almost always find some sort of deal. Whether it’s one of our holiday mattress sales or a deal on a mattress bundle, you’re sure to find a price and mattress you love.

However, there’s more to the story than that. In this mattress buying guide, we’ll cover the when, where, why, and how of buying a new mattress.

The Best Time of Year for Mattress Deals

If you’re waiting for the best month to buy a mattress, you won’t have to sit tight for too long. In many cases, the best deals pop up around long weekends, so you’ll have a few chances to save throughout the year. Here’s when to keep an eye out for a mattress sale:


The three-day weekend surrounding President’s Day is usually chock-full of mattress price deals, especially as mattress retailers move the previous year’s models to make room for new ones. Your best bet is to wait until a President’s day mattress sale to get that mattress you’ve been eyeing.


Every year, Memorial Day falls on the last Monday of May. It’s a terrific time for mattress shopping for two reasons: You’ll probably land a deal from a Memorial day mattress sale, and you’ll be able to buy a new, more breathable mattress right before temperatures start to soar.


No 4th of July fireworks for you this year! If you shop for a new mattress around this time, you’ll be sound asleep at home in your cozy bed. Because most old mattress stock should be gone by July, this long weekend always has a 4th of July mattress sale somewhere, giving you the chance to find state-of-the-art mattresses at a great price.


Labor Day weekend is a toast to the achievements of workers everywhere. Why not celebrate your hard work with a brand new mattress? After all, Labor Day mattress sales are extremely common. Plus, September is also far enough away from Christmas to guarantee that most of us haven’t spent all of our savings (yet).


While not holidays per se, Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer exclusive chances to save on select mattresses. If you can handle the crowds, Black Friday is the best time of year to buy a mattress in-store. If you’d rather stay at home in your cozy sleepwear, snuggle up with your laptop, as some companies offer Black Friday mattress deals online. Or, you can also wait until Cyber Monday for mattress company sales.

Buying In-Store vs. Online

Now that you understand when to buy a new mattress, it’s time to talk about where. As you probably know, you have two choices: shopping at a brick-and-mortar mattress store or ordering online.

There are certainly advantages to each option:

  • In-store – The most significant benefit of traditional mattress shopping is that you can try before you buy. In-person at a mattress store, you’ll also have the chance to ask questions like what the best mattress for side sleepers is  face-to-face before making a mattress purchase.
  • Online – The lower price point of online shopping is the most appealing part. Because online sellers aren’t paying for a storefront, they can usually afford to offer their mattresses at a lower price.

And while you can’t test out a mattress before you purchase it online, most companies offer a trial period. At Casper, our 100-night risk-free sleep trial allows you to put your new bed to the test in your own home. If it’s not quite right, we’ll pick it up and give you your money back—no questions asked.

If you prefer, you can also stop by a Casper Sleep Shop and enjoy a quick catnap.

Factors That Affect Mattress Cost

You may be able to save by buying a bed at the right time and place, but not all mattresses are created equal. By understanding why mattresses are priced the way they are, you can head online or into your local showroom armed with the facts and come out with the best deal available.


Mattresses are no exception to the golden rule of bargain hunting: You get what you pay for. High-quality mattresses will inevitably command higher prices, but it’s usually a price worth paying.

As you shop around, pay close attention to the following features:

  • The springs – If you’re looking at a mattress with springs, more is usually better. Even more important than the number of springs is the amount of resistance. High-quality springs should have some give to them, but they need to bounce back.
  • The foam – Heavier, high-density foam is usually more supportive and more expensive. However, weight isn’t everything. For example, there are thousands of precision-drilled holes in the memory foam of a Casper mattress to allow for more airflow. It may weigh a bit less, but it’s still comfortable and durable.
  • The construction – A well-designed mattress will consist of a few different layers, each providing a different level of comfort and support. More basic mattresses will be the most cost-effective, while those lined with springs and memory foam will be more expensive.

You may spend a little more on a superior mattress, but remember—it should last you close to a decade, making the cost-per-use relatively low.


The material packed within your mattress impacts its price point and your sleep quality. Mattresses materials run the gamut, but the most common choices are:

  • Spring – Spring mattresses are the “classic” choice for a reason. They offer extra airflow and are usually more cost-efficient to produce.
  • Memory foam – The dense material of a memory foam mattress will provide superior support for sleepers for every stripe. What’s more, memory foam mattresses collect fewer allergens than their springy counterparts. Memory foam mattresses will be slightly more expensive than traditional spring mattresses.
  • Hybrid – Combine the best of both worlds with a hybrid mattress—support and quality meet airflow and affordability. Some hybrid mattresses also include a layer of gel pods for even better spinal alignment. With so many dreamy amenities, these mattresses top the price pyramid. 

Delivery and Setup

Unless you own a truck or trailer, you’ll be relying on someone else to bring your mattress to your home. Many brick-and-mortar retailers offer delivery, but it usually comes at an additional fee. If you’re buying a new frame along with your mattress, you may also decide to spring for a home setup package.

With Casper, delivery is free (excluding Alaska and Hawai’i) and bed frame assembly is as easy as can be—no professional help is required.

How to Score the Best Price on a Mattress

No matter where you are in your mattress hunt, you’ve probably noticed that a new bed is a big-ticket item. Even at the lowest end of the spectrum, mattresses come in at around $1,000.

It may feel frivolous to spend so much on a single purchase. But when you think of your mattress as an investment in your well-being, it becomes easier to justify. After all, you’ll be using it for around a third of the day, every day.

So, you certainly don’t want to cut corners when buying a new bed. Still, if you play your cards right, you can reduce your total mattress cost—even if there’s no promotion running.

Ask for a Discount

It may sound too easy, but sometimes all it takes to save money is to ask. Online retailers will often offer promo codes, while traditional brick-and-mortar stores are usually open to negotiations.

Worst case scenario? You end up paying what it says on the price tag. Best case scenario? You walk out with no delivery fee or a small discount.

Seek Out Referral Programs

Whether they have a brick-and-mortar presence or not, many mattress sellers offer referral programs that can help you and your friends save big.

The best part about referrals is that they work two ways: you can save money when a friend or family member refers you, and you can continue saving by referring more people.

With the Casper referral program, you’ll earn a $100 Amazon Gift Card by referring a friend, and they’ll receive 20% off their order!

Look for Bundles

If you’ve ever stocked up on a pantry staple, you know that buying in bulk is a fantastic way to save—and bed shopping is no exception. Some retailers offer package deals for mattress shoppers, throwing in pillows, frames, or sheets at a discounted rate.

For example, you can save hundreds by buying a mattress, bed frame, and mattress protector in a mattress bundle from Casper. Bundles are especially worthwhile if you’re looking to replace your entire setup all at once. Plus, when you buy everything together, you’ll rest easy knowing you have everything you need for a night of peaceful slumber.

With Casper, It’s Always the Best Time to Buy a Mattress

Whether you only need a new mattress or it’s time to replace your entire setup, you’ll save money when you shop with Casper. Enjoy frequent mattress sales, free delivery, and a 100-day sleep trial—all without sacrificing a comfortable, supportive sleep.


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