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Adjustable Base

Price: $1,095

Adjustable Base

Price: $1,095
5 out of 5 Customer Rating
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Adjustable Base
Price: $1,095
Ships by May 31
Upon placing your order with In-Home Delivery, you will be contacted by our delivery partner to schedule an appointment. Deliveries are typically completed within 2-4 weeks of order placement.

Why you’ll love it:

  • Virtually unlimited positions to get cozy from binging to bedtime.
  • Use the wireless remote to lift your head and feet right where you like.
  • Zero Gravity preset is designed for the ultimate relaxation.
  • Anti-Snore function angles your head to help open nasal passages.

Don't Lose Sleep

Raise your head, feet, or both for comfort that lasts all-night long.

Split King

Twin XL(x2) 37.5" x 79" x 15" Max Weight 750 lbs Platform Height 15" only using fixed 12" leg(x2)

Twin XL

37.5" x 79" x 15" Max Weight 750 lbs Platform Height 15" only using fixed 12" leg


53.5" x 74" x 15" Max Weight 750 lbs Platform Height 15" only (using fixed 12" leg)


59" x 79" x 15" Max Weight 750 lbs Platform Height 15" only using fixed 12" leg

California King

71" x 83.5" x 15.5" Max Weight 750 lbs Platform Height 15.5" (using 12" leg) 10.5" (using 7" leg) 8.5" (using 5" leg)

  • Plywood, Steel, Polyester Fabric

We ship via UPS in the United States from warehouse partners.

  • Drop-in Option — Compatible with most bed frames
  • Head Tilt
  • Foot Tilt
  • All The Way Flat
  • Programmable Memory Button
  • Wireless Remote
  • 1 Leg-Height Option
  • Zero Gravity Feature — Promotes muscle recuperation

Works with all Casper mattresses.
Split King can be used with two Twin XL mattresses for a split experience — or one King mattress for a standard King.
The adjustable base cannot be used with traditional spring mattresses or box springs but can be comfortably used with any other flexible foam mattress.
Compatible with Casper Repose and Casper Haven bed frames. Customers should check their bed frame's dimensions and weight capacities for use with a non-Casper bed frame.

Got questions?

Our friendly Sleep Specialists are here to help. Give us a call now or visit your local store.

Keep your head in the clouds.

Virtually unlimited positions make sleeping, binge-watching, or reading as cozy as possible. Plus, our Zero Gravity preset is designed for optimal muscle relaxation.

Comfort you control.

Relaxing is easier than ever with a wireless remote that moves you between our innovative preset positions or your own unique favorite.

Effortlessly adaptable.

Designed to drop into your existing bed frame for an easy upgrade, or stand alone with a headboard. Spoiler alert: It’s compatible with all Casper mattresses, too.


Find your sweet spot. Offers flexibility to all your sleep needs - featuring the Anti-Snore position - combined with USB ports to make it easy to stay connected.

Ready to up your sleep game?


Doze off on something dreamy.


Elevate your bed... and your head.

Frequently Asked

Adjustable bed frames are designed with features to help elevate your quality of sleep. The Anti-Snore position elevates your head and chest to help reduce pressure on your airway — a common cause for snoring and sleep apnea. Other positions like Zero Gravity promote muscle recuperation to relieve stress on your body for balanced comfort. Adjustable bed frames even come in a Split King option, so you and your partner can sleep just the way you like it.

We offer shipping via UPS for the Adjustable Base, Pro Adjustable Base, and Max Adjustable Base. Depending on which size you order, your bed frame will arrive in either one or two boxes. Additionally, we offer In-Home Delivery and Setup across the 48 contiguous states in the US and for an additional cost.

The adjustable base is compatible with most foam and hybrid mattresses. We don’t recommend using the adjustable base with a traditional spring mattress.

Our Adjustable Bases are compatible with our Haven and Repose bed frames, as well as most non-Casper bed frames. Customers should check their bed frame's dimensions and weight capacities if they want to use it with a non-Casper bed frame and note that The Adjustable Base feet need to be removed in order to use it with a bed frame.

We do! For those who aren’t familiar, a split king basically means the frame comes in two parts. With an adjustable base, the two parts are able to work separately or sync together — so you can use the base with two twin XL mattresses or a single king mattress.

Our Cal king adjustable base is also split, but can only be used with our Cal king sized mattress.