What is the Difference Between a Coverlet and Quilt?

December 21, 2021 | Casper Editorial Team

The difference between a coverlet vs quilt comes down to style vs comfort. A coverlet comes in a variety of trendy bed cover designs. This lightweight, thin bedding blanket acts as an extra, breezy layer for your bed. A soft quilt cover on the other hand, is a classic bedroom staple and is made with three layers: the decorative part, the batting, and the backing. 

Unsure of which type of blanket to choose? When it comes down to it, the makings of a well-dressed bed depend on the occasion. Thinking of redecorating your guest bedroom as a summer project? Choose a coverlet for your bedding sets. Looking to stay toasty during cold winter nights? Cover your bed in a classic quilt for extra warmth. 

Whether you’re dressing your bedding sets up or down, keep reading this guide for more on the difference between a coverlet and quilt. 

What is a Coverlet?

A coverlet is the top layer on your bed. They can be the same size as your bed or throw blanket size. Because coverlets are made of lighter, thinner material:

  • The bed cover comes in a variety of trendy patterns and designs.
  • They’re versatile and useful for redecorating.
  • They’re easy to care for and maintain.
  • They’re perfect for the summer since they don’t add extra weight. 

By design, woven coverlets can be the perfect choice for when your bed needs a mid-season wardrobe change.

If you want a lightweight and textured cozy blanket for your bed, consider our Crinkle Coverlet. Made with 100% cotton, this bed coverlet will dress your bed with comfort and style.

What is a Quilt?

So what is a quilt, exactly? Modern quilts are a classic bed covering because they’re made with thick, durable material. And during the winter, these bed coverings provide added weight and extra warmth. While some modern quilts can have hand-stitched, elaborate patterns, a quilt cover is any bed covering made with three layers:1

  • Decorative Layer – The first fabric layer is the decorative part with a beautiful pattern.
  • Batting Layer – Called batting or wadding, this layer is made with old blankets, cotton, synthetic fiber, or other worn-out quilts to give it added thickness and warmth.
  • Backing Layer – The last layer is typically plain, but can be as decorative and well-designed as the first layer so that the quilt is reversible.

All of these layers are stitched together to create a lasting covering. 

If you live in a more temperate area, you can also find lightweight quilt options, such as Casper’s Dawn Quilt, that features three layers, but isn’t as overly heavy. 

Coverlet vs Quilt: Key Differences

So, to review what is the difference between a coverlet and a quilt, let’s break down the three key categories:

  • Material – The most obvious difference is that coverlets are made without a middle layer which means they only have a single layer of fabric. Quilts, on the other hand, have three layers, which give them their thickness.
  • Care – Coverlets are easier to maintain because they tend to be small and lightweight, so it’s easy to machine wash them. However, it’s best to hand wash quilts to guarantee that they last.
  • Function – While quilts can be stunning and well-designed, their main function is to keep you warm. Coverlets can also keep you warm but are better paired with a quilt or used on top of your comforter and bed sheets. 

How to Style a Coverlet vs. Quilt

New coverings mean new ways to style your bed. How you choose to style your bed with a coverlet or quilt will depend on the look of your home. 

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Use a coverlet to add a more clean, stylish look to your room decor.
  • Choose a quilt to add a traditional yet cozy feel to your home.
  • Fold coverlets up and lay them across your bed.
  • Make a special display for your unique, hand-stitched quilt pattern.
  • Customize your bed decor by mixing coverlet designs with your duvet or comforter.
  • Use your quilt as the top layer on your bed to stay warm.
  • Use your coverlet as a throw blanket across your couches or chairs, or hang them up as wall art.

With coverlets, it’s easier to customize your bedroom decor. However, a bonus feature of hand-stitched quilts is that they’re durable enough to pass down to new generations and become sentimental family heirlooms.

The Best Choice

Now that you know all about coverlets and quilts, you may want some help deciding which one to add to your bed’s wardrobe. Sadly, there’s no universal right or wrong pick. From your mattress to your sheets and blankets, how you dress your bed is all about personal preference. Simply consider the weather where you live and what you want to use your bed covering for. 

Fortunately, you can always choose to use both quilts and coverlets. You can be both stylish and comfortable. Besides, your bed can never have too many outfits. 

Choose Comfort and Style with Casper

Want a well-dressed bed that’s stylish, comfortable, and affordable? At Casper, our coverlets and quilts are designed to offer you a soft and dreamy sleeping oasis. Our Dawn Quilt + Sham is pre-washed to guarantee maximum softness and is made with organic cotton for a comfortable, lightweight feel. 

With our coverlet and quilt products, you won’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. Instead, you can enjoy a bed that looks as dreamy as it feels.


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