6 Different Types of Blankets for Your Home

September 22, 2021 | Casper Editorial Team

Whether it’s a cool autumn evening or a breezy summer day by the beach, blankets are the fibrous hugs we all need sometimes to help us kick back and relax. 

You might think that any old blanket will put you at ease and keep you comfortable, but they’re a bit more nuanced than you might think. 

From duvets to quilts and everything in between, each type of blanket performs a particular duty to help make your bed a cozy place to land. Some of the most common types of blankets include: 

  1. Comforter
  2. Duvet
  3. Quilt
  4. Throw blanket
  5. Coverlet
  6. Weighted blanket
  7. Electric blanket

In this blog, you’ll learn more about these different types of blankets for beds, couches, and everything in between and how you can use them to your advantage for a more restful night’s sleep. 

Whether you desire a cozy look and feel in the living room or the calming feel of a hug while you sleep, Casper has a type of blanket that’s perfect for your home and needs.

#1 Comforter

Comforters are a popular classic that provides sleepers with warmth and a plush texture. They come in a variety of sizes and blanket material and can be a functional design accessory to help pull together any style of bedroom. 

From sateen and silk to linen and bamboo, the material on the outside can vary just as much as what’s on the inside. Some prefer a down-filled comforter while others sleep more soundly with something like wool, cotton, or polyester helping to tuck them in at night. Keep climate in mind when making your purchase and be sure to take special care when cleaning as each comforter will likely come with its own set of washing instructions. 

#2. Duvet

Seemingly identical, comforters and duvets can be a common source of confusion. But we’re here to help set the record straight. Duvets are the European version of the comforter but are primarily distinguished by their need for a cloth counterpart, an interchangeable cover. Comforters are stand-alone sleep aids whereas duvets will tuck inside an outer shell usually made of linen or cotton. 

Duvets (especially Casper’s Duvets) can offer just as much thickness and warmth as a comforter but are often easier to keep clean. The duvet cover acts as a protective barrier between you and the duvet keeping it fresher longer and less of a hassle to launder.  

#3 Quilt

There are several different kinds of blankets but quilts are one that we tend to hold a bit more closely to our hearts. Perhaps you have one that’s been passed down through generations in your family or have even made one yourself after taking up sewing classes. Either way, quilts are just as functional as they are creative. They can add an eye-catching pattern to any rustic bedroom and a lighter layer of comfort during warmer months. 

They consist of three essential layers including a top, bottom, and inner batting usually filled with cotton, polyester, or wool. Let the intricate stitching tell a story of its own and be gentle when laundering, either washing it by hand or on a delicate cycle. 

Add a quilt and sham set to your linen closet for a unique style and cozy comfort.

#4 Throw Blanket

Unlike quilts, throw blankets tend to perform a bit higher in the decorative arena than in functionality. They are sold in a medley of materials ranging from cotton and cashmere to wool and fleece fabric. Throw blanket size is typically smaller than your average blanket. Because of this, you’ll often find them draped carefully over the end of a bed or the side of a sofa and can make any room immediately more inviting and cozy. 

That’s not to say they are devoid of function, however. While they may not be suited for covering your bed from top to bottom, they are easy to access and can provide a bit of added comfort for your reading corner or movie night. 

Looking for a cotton throw blanket for your home? Casper’s Crinkle Throw adds texture, style, and comfort to any room. Whether the crinkled cotton throw is thrown over a favorite armchair or draped elegantly over your bed.

#5 Coverlet

Commonly mistaken for a quilt or bedspread, a coverlet is a lightweight blanket that can be used for two main purposes. This thin layer is often used between the flat sheet and duvet cover of the bed for extra warmth and comfort. Since a coverlet is meant to be lightweight, you will usually find this made with cotton blanket or silk blanket material.

Another option is using a bed coverlet for decor, similar to a throw blanket. You can find this type of blanket at the foot of the bed or place of your choosing. 

#6 Weighted Blanket

If you really want to feel like your blanket has got your back, a weighted one might be your best bet. You’ll find them in a number of different styles, colors, and materials just like other blankets but it’s their plastic pellet filling that truly sets them apart. It can add just a few pounds or even up to 20 for a swaddling effect that’ll keep you from tossing and turning. 

Plus, if you’re one of 40 million Americans with a chronic sleep disorder,1 they could aid in lowering your heart rate before bed so you have an easier time dozing off. Penn Medicine also cites this type of pressure therapy as an effective tool for helping individuals with anxiety, ADHD, and autism. 

Casper designed its signature Weighted Blanket to be a comforting hug at the end of every night. Crafted with breathable fabric and super effective microbeads, Casper’s Weighted Blanket will have you dozing off in no time. 

#7 Electric Blanket

As the seasons change and the weather turns chilly, an electric blanket is a popular choice to bundle up in. An electric blanket is made from heavy material with an internal wiring system to provide extra heat through coil wires. These blankets are mostly made of polyester and acrylic material that acts as a preventative measure for potential fires. This heated blanket includes a remote control that allows you to change the different levels of heat. 

Tuck Yourself in With Casper

With so many different types of blankets on the market, you might be wondering which one is the superior sleep companion. The answer, of course, lies in your personal preferences and sleeping habits. 

Whether you prefer the warmth of a heavy duvet, the soothing nature of a weighted blanket, or perhaps even a wearable blanket that you can throw over your shoulders, let the Casper collection of blankets and bedding sets guide you into dreamland. A more restful night’s sleep starts here.

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