Dream Bigger: Casper's Mattress 2024 Collection Has Arrived!

February 29, 2024 | Casper Editorial Team

Better sleep is here! Discover the dreamy new mattress collection we’ve been developing tirelessly at Casper, designed to give you the best rest possible.

Casper has been a leader in the sleep industry since launching the first online bed-in-a-box in 2014. Since then, with the help of science and your input, we’ve worked tirelessly to provide you with high-quality sleep support that helps you live a fuller, more vibrant life.

But, you may be wondering, why change our designs when we’ve already helped tens of thousands of people find the mattress of their dreams?

It’s simple — at Casper, we’re innovators. We get restless when we find areas for improvement. Instead of leaving great products alone, we strive to make them even better.

Enter: the Casper Mattress 2024 collection.

Find out more about the exciting changes we’ve made to our best mattresses and how they’ll make your life — and your sleep — that much dreamier.

What Have We Been Working on at Casper?

We’re thrilled to let you in on the magic our engineers and designers have been working on at Casper.

You deserve more than a quick peek behind the curtain; we believe in full transparency, so you can trust that you’re investing in the best mattress that sleep science has to offer.

We haven’t reinvented our mattresses for this new collection. Instead, we’ve taken them to the next level of quality, innovation, and nap-nirvana. We’ve also simplified our selection to make mattress shopping a more soothing experience for every shopper out there.

As for the mattress improvements themselves, we’ve really fixed our attention on…

3 Key Focus Points: Comfort, Support, Temperature 

As we began to develop our mattress 2024 collection, we made sure to address the three essential features that promote the best sleep for all:

  • Comfort – When you lie down on a mattress, what’s the first thing you want to feel? At Casper, we care about your entire mattress experience, from the moment your head hits your pillow to when you wake up refreshed and ready to face the day. We’re committed to developing the most comfortable mattresses on the market, with no sleeper left behind.
  • Support – Sleep posture is just as important as your daily sitting and standing posture, if not more so. Good sleep posture aligns your spine, hips, and back, allowing your muscles to relax and heal, and preventing back pain and muscle soreness. A mattress with multiple layers and zones of support is key to maintaining perfect sleep posture for the whole night, and we’re set on delivering the best possible spinal alignment.
  • Temperature – When we say temperature is a top concern, we mean it. Two-thirds of people say that temperature disrupts their sleep. Your body needs to regulate its temperature throughout the night for a quality sleep cycle. It can’t do that in a hot, stuffy environment. We strive to provide the coolest passive mattress to complement your sleep oasis.

These three focus points continue to guide us toward mattress designs that fulfill all of your sleep needs, from falling asleep with more ease to staying in deep, blissful sleep for the entire night.

Casper Engineering Principles

When we design any sleep product, our metrics of success are incredibly simple:

  1. It must help sleep
  2. It must be tested

At Casper, we take research seriously and we refuse to make phony, unsubstantiated claims. That’s why we spend over 5,000 hours rigorously testing our new products. Each new mattress goes through more than 18 different performance tests while in development, in addition to seven unique tests developed by our engineers and ergonomists.

We believe that thorough research leads to better products, meaning better sleep for you.

Redefining Comfort with the New Casper Mattress 2024 Lineup

Without further ado, we’re proud to introduce you to the newest Casper mattresses, and how they enhance the potential of a good night’s sleep.


If you only look at a single mattress from Casper’s 2024 collection, let it be the One.

The One offers everything you need in a quality mattress, eliminating any FOMO you might feel when shopping. And if you need to satisfy both yourself and a partner, the One is the way to go.

This mattress consists of three simple layers, but it’s anything but basic:

  • First comes the Breathe Flex Foam, a bouncy and breathable top layer that responds to and accommodates your every move to soothe and stabilize.
  • Underneath is a layer of Align Memory Foam. It offers deep pressure relief and effective support for longer, uninterrupted sleep.
  • Finally, the essential Casper Core base creates a sturdy third layer of support that stays flat and firm for the first night, and for every night to come.

The One is best for:

  • All types of sleepers
  • No-nonsense shoppers


Everything about the Snow, from the cool fibers of its Snow Cover to its ultra-supportive Flex Coils, makes you feel like you’re melting into a refreshing, forgiving snow cloud.

This cooling hybrid mattress combines ergonomics and Snow Technology to create an ideal, thermoregulated sleep environment.

Just below the Snow Cover surface stretches the Phase Change Material and HeatDelete™ Bands, which actively pull heat away from your body all night long. Below each layer of Snow Technology, you’ll find ultra-comfortable Memory Foam (Soothe and Align, respectively). The bed as a whole is engineered with Zoned Support™ to keep your spine aligned no matter what type of sleeper you are.

With the Snow, you don’t have to sacrifice other important features for coolness. For this mattress, as with all the mattresses in our 2024 collection, we make sure our three key focus points — comfort, support, and temperature — are always at the forefront of the design process.

The Snow is best for:

  • Night sweaters
  • Restless sleepers

Snow Max

The Snow Max takes all the cooling and supportive features of Snow to the next level of comfort.

The layers of Memory Foam cradle your body with Zoned Support™ Max. Precisely cut channels in the foam allow your body to gently melt into the mattress, relieving pressure on your trouble areas and adding extra support for your hips, waist, and lower back.

In addition to the Soothe and Align Memory Foam you’ll find in the Snow, the Snow Max also has an added layer of Align+ Memory Foam, designed to keep you properly aligned all night long.

And don’t forget the cool and cozy Snow Technology. The Snow Max has even more Phase Change Material and HeatDelete™ Bands than the Snow to allow for maximum heat removal and thermoregulation.

The Snow Max is best for:

  • Night sweaters
  • Hot and humid climates


The Dream is airy, soft, and supportive from the top down.

The first layer of Breathe+ Flex Foam allows for soothing airflow and breathability, and it provides just enough bounce to whisk you off into dreamland.

Next is a supportive layer of Align Memory Foam, engineered with Zoned Support™ to keep your back and hips cushioned and aligned. Nestled together at the bottom are individually pocketed Flex Coils, designed to reduce motion transfer and enhance support.

When you lie down on the Dream, you can be sure that sweet dreams are on their way. With this hybrid mattress, you’ll enjoy deeper, dreamier sleep, guaranteed.

The Dream is best for:

  • Restless sleepers
  • Back support and spinal alignment

Dream Max

This mattress gives a whole new meaning to the word “dreamy.”

The Dream Max takes all the amazing features of the Dream and packs in even more support and comfort. Along with the breathable and supportive layers of Breathe+ Flex Foam and Align Memory Foam, the Dream Max includes the Align+ Flex Foam, a unique layer that responds to the natural curves and contours of your body.

Take a load off thanks to the Dream Max’s Zoned Support™ Max, engineered for premium support and pressure relief, especially for vulnerable areas like your hips, waist, and lower back. The firm center foam and layer of precisely cut channels wrap around the curves of your body like a gentle, supportive hug.

The Dream Max wouldn’t be complete without the individually wrapped Flex Coils. They stop misalignment and motion transfer in its tracks, making the Dream Max a perfect option for you and your sleep partner.

The Dream Max is best for:

  • Maximum support and alignment
  • Accommodating sleep partners

I Have an Old Casper Mattress. Which Mattress Should I Buy Now?

Your Casper mattress is the beloved centerpiece of your bedroom. It elevates your sleep environment from a place to rest to a space of dreams. Long story short, it’s irreplaceable.

If this sounds like you, what does this new collection mean for you and your old Casper mattress?

We get it — change can be hard. But with our help, you’ll be able to upgrade seamlessly from your old Casper mattress to one of our new and improved models.

Check out our side-by-side comparisons between our old models and our upgraded 2024 collection, and learn how to seamlessly upgrade your selection. Or, our Sleep Specialists can give you a rundown on all the new improvements and innovations, and you can spend some quality time with the new mattresses to see what has us all giddy with excitement.

Locate a Casper Sleep Shop near you and feel the difference for yourself.


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