Seamlessly Upgrade: Matching Your Old Casper Mattress with a New Model

February 29, 2024 | Casper Editorial Team

Ready for a Casper mattress upgrade, but not sure where to start? Navigate the exciting new features of our 2024 collection and how they compare to our old mattress models.

If you haven’t heard the good news yet, we just unveiled the new Casper Mattress 2024 collection, and we’re on cloud nine.

We understand that you may be hesitant to say goodbye to your old model, which is why we want to take the time to show you what makes the new ones so dreamy.

You’ll see that while some of the names have changed, the new Casper mattresses have the same high-quality features as the old models, and then some. Not only have we improved our old designs, but we’ve simplified your choices, making it even easier to find the mattress of your dreams.

Change is necessary for the best sleep: sleep experts recommend that you change your memory foam or hybrid mattress every eight to ten years. Whether your current Casper mattress has a few good years left, or you’re in need of an upgrade soon, we have all the information you need to make a seamless switch to the new collection.

If you have The Casper, you’ll love the upgraded One!

The Casper is our signature mattress, and our most popular. It features three layers of our signature foam with AirScape® for breathability, comfort, and support. Its simple yet impactful design makes it a great choice for users who want it all.

The One was designed to include the beloved features of the Casper, while also adding a little extra oomph. You’ll be familiar with its three layers and its emphasis on comfort and support, but you’ll be amazed by the subtle improvements and how much of a difference they make.

Here’s what’s under the covers:

  1. Breathe Flex Foam – A bouncy and breathable layer that effortlessly responds to your movement.
  2. Align Memory Foam – A second soothing layer that takes the pressure off your muscles and joints.
  3. Casper Core – A firm, sag-resistant final layer that supports you night after night.

Just like the Casper, the One is your all-in-one sleep solution. With the One, you know exactly what you’re getting, and can trust that it’ll help you fall asleep faster, and deeper, than ever before.

If you have the Original Foam, you’ll love the upgraded One!

The One is also the perfect upgrade for lovers of the Original Foam.

While the One is a perfect match for the Casper, the Original has a slight difference to note.

The Original’s second layer features Zoned Support™, which cradles your body with varying firmness for the best spinal alignment possible: more give around your shoulders, with extra support around your hips and lower back.

The One doesn’t have Zoned Support™, but the Align Memory Foam layer is engineered to provide the support and pressure relief you need to sleep soundly through the night.

If the targeted, cradling power of Zoned Support™ is a feature you can’t sleep without, check out the Dream mattress from the new collection.

If you have the Original Hybrid, you’ll love upgrading to the Dream!

The Original Hybrid combines the magic of foam and spring coils for an ideal sleep experience for all types of sleepers — back, side, front, and in between.

The Dream does all this and more.

Like the Original Hybrid, the Dream consists of three layers that all provide enhanced comfort and support. Here’s what makes the Dream so, well, dreamy:

  1. Breathe Flex Foam – This top layer is responsive and breathable, ensuring a cool, soothing sleep environment for the whole night. It has a pleasant bounce to it, too.
  2. Align Memory Foam (with Zoned Support™) – The Zoned Support™ makes this layer even better at supporting your whole body while you rest and recover from your day. The firmer foam section takes pressure off your hips and low back, and keeps you perfectly aligned all night.
  3. Flex Coils – This layer elevates the Dream from an effective foam mattress to a perfect hybrid. The individually pocketed Flex Coils respond to your body and create even more support. They also reduce motion transfer, a great feature for restless sleepers and sleep partners.

Everything about this mattress is designed for ergonomic bliss. It’ll be almost too easy to make the switch and upgrade from the Original to the Dream.

If you have the Nova, you’ll love upgrading to the Dream Max!

The Nova is our premium hybrid mattress, and the upgraded Dream Max is about to take its place.

The Nova’s crowning feature is the Zoned Support™ Pro foam layer, complete with seven support zones and contoured cuts that hug and protect your curves with precision. Above this, there are two breathable and supportive foam layers, and below, you have the Flex Coil springs that add gentle lift and give this mattress its hybrid identity.

The Dream Max follows the familiar medium-soft feel feel that is most similar to Nova, with some added innovations:

  1. Breathe+ Flex Foam – Your mattress should move and breathe with you, which is why this top layer is designed for maximum airflow with a perfect, responsive bounce.
  2. Align+ Flex Foam (with Zoned Support™ Max) – This layer, divided into 3 zones, adds another level of support and responsiveness for a unique, soothing sleep experience. Featuring firmer foam in the center, combined with a layer of meticulously crafted channels, it contours to your body’s natural shape, providing extra support to your hips, waist, and lower back.
  3. Align Memory Foam – The third foam layer enhances the Dream Max’s overall support with precisely cut channels that cradle your body, improving muscle recovery and spinal alignment as you sleep.
  4. Flex Coils – The individually pocketed Flex Coils are what elevate this mattress’s support levels to the max. They add extra support and lift and reduce motion transfer for more uninterrupted sleep.

The Dream Max is engineered fittingly with Zoned Support™ Max, with over 2x the support zones compared to our regular Zoned Support™, offering all types of sleepers maximum support and maximum comfort.

If you have the Snow, you’ll love the new-and-improved Snow!

Lovers of the Snow know that temperature can make or break a good night’s sleep.

What makes the Snow so special are the multiple layers of Snow Technology that work through the night to draw heat away from your body and keep you cool for your entire sleep cycle.

The new, upgraded Snow takes all the features you love about the old model to a new level of soothing comfort. From top to bottom, it includes:

  1. Snow Cover – Woven with cool-to-the-touch fibers that provide an immediate sense of refreshment, helping you settle in and get cozy.
  2. Soothe Memory Foam (with Phase Change Material) – Just because the Snow is designed to cool you down, doesn’t mean it neglects other important aspects of comfort. This foam layer is soft enough to melt into, so you can fall asleep faster, and it’s coated with our new Phase Change Material, whisking away body heat away from the moment you lie down.
  3. HeatDelete™ Bands – This innovative technology pulls away excess heat nonstop for over 12 hours, so you can stay cool all night long — and then some.
  4. Align Memory Foam (with Zoned Support™) – We don’t sacrifice support for temperature control. This layer specifically targets your shoulders, hips, and lower back for deep pressure relief and spinal alignment.
  5. Flex Coils – This layer gives you that extra boost and lift for the best sleep possible.

The new-and-improved Snow redefines what it means to chill in bed. When it’s time to make the upgrade, you’ll enjoy even cooler nights for longer, deeper sleep.

If you have the Wave Hybrid, you’ll love upgrading to the Dream Max!

The Wave Hybrid is Casper’s most supportive mattress. While it has some features that the Dream Max doesn’t, you won’t be missing out on quality support and comfort by making the switch.

The main difference between the two is the Wave Hybrid’s gel support pods. These pods are meant to enhance the other layers of support and keep your spine aligned no matter what position you sleep in.

Instead of gel support pods, the Dream Max features Align+ Flex Foam and Align Memory Foam that work together to offer you premier relief and support. Engineered with Zoned Support™ Max, the first layer protects your hips and low back with firmer foam, while the second layer uses precisely cut channels to hug the natural curves of your body.

That’s what maximum support feels like!

If you have the Wave Hybrid Snow, you’ll love upgrading to the Snow Max!

The Wave Hybrid Snow combines the support of the Wave Hybrid and the cooling powers of the Snow into one powerhouse of a mattress. It offers an unparalleled sleep experience, except, of course, for what the new Snow Max has to offer:

  1. Snow Cover – This thin, refreshing layer, invites you into bed with pleasant coolness.
  2. Soothe Memory Foam (with Phase Change Material) – You’ll sink into this soft foam layer as soreness and body heat melt away.
  3. HeatDelete™ Bands – With double the amount compared to the regular Snow, HeatDelete™Bands instantly draw heat away from your body, and continue to do so all night long.
  4. Align Memory Foam – The first half of the Zoned Support™ Max duo, this layer features a firmer center to give a little extra love to your hips and lower back.
  5. Align+ Memory Foam – The precisely cut channels uniquely designed to cradle your curves make this layer ultra-supportive and soothing for your deepest sleep yet.
  6. Flex Coils – This final layer enhances support and comfort while reducing motion transfer and nighttime disruption.

The Snow Max maintains all the beloved features of the Wave Hybrid Snow, while the Align Memory Foam layers improve upon the older model’s gel support pod technology.

If the Wave Hybrid Snow makes your heart melt, be ready to fall head over heels by upgrading to the Snow Max.

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At Casper, we’ve worked tirelessly to design new mattresses that harness the high-quality support and comfort of our old models — made even better.

Match your old model with one of our new-and-improved options and discover an ideal sleep experience you didn’t know you were dreaming of.

Read more about the new 2024 collection, or feel the differences for yourself by visiting your local Casper Sleep Shop today.


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