How to Clean a Foam Mattress Topper

October 22, 2021 | Casper Editorial Team

Keeping your mattress topper clean is a simple way to extend the life of your mattress. But this vital household chore is often overlooked. Fortunately, whether you’re trying to evict dust mites or remove late-night snack stains, cleaning your mattress topper is a simple DIY process. 

In this article, we’ll explain the washing instructions on how to properly clean your foam mattress topper with a few common household ingredients. We’ll also share preventative measures you can take to keep your mattress topper clean, fresh, and odor-free. 

How to Clean Mattress Topper: A Step-by-Step Guide

When it comes to effective yet simple cleaning solutions, you’ve likely come across two ubiquitous ingredients: vinegar and baking soda. While you’ll need these for your mattress pad clean-up, you’ll also need the following: 

  • A clean spray bottle
  • A towel for dabbing excess liquid (or two for cleaning up a fresh liquid stain)
  • A vacuum

Once you’ve gathered your materials, it’s time to strip the bed, place the mattress pad on a flat surface, and get started.

Step 1: Prepare Your Vinegar Solution

In a study of various household cleaning solutions, scientists discovered that vinegar solutions are most effective on the day that they’re made. 1So, to eliminate bacteria, germs, and stains on your mattress topper, be sure to make a fresh vinegar cleaning solution before you begin your clean-up.

Mix one part white vinegar with one part water in your clean spray bottle.2 If you’d like, you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil, but make sure to use essential oils sparingly—they can be powerful, and your sleep quality may suffer if you can taste eucalyptus while you’re trying to catch some Zs. 

Step 2: Soak Up Fresh Liquid Stains with a Towel

If you’re cleaning a fresh liquid stain on your mattress topper, you’ll want to dab up any residual liquids with a towel before applying your solution. Afterward, put that damp cloth towel straight into the laundry hamper—don’t try to reuse it during the next step. 

Step 3: Spray the Mattress Topper 

Use your freshly-made vinegar cleaning solution to spritz the stained area of your mattress pad. You don’t want to overdo it and leave the mattress topper soaking wet, but you do want to thoroughly dampen it. 

If you’ve never cleaned your foam topper, this might be a good time to clean the entire pad. If you’re only trying to manage a fresh stain outside of your regular cleaning schedule, you can focus solely on the affected area. 

After you’ve thoroughly damped the pad, use a fresh towel to dab up any excess liquid. Don’t worry about perfection here—the next step will dry up any residual moisture. 

Step 4: Sprinkle Baking Soda and Wait

Generously sprinkle your mattress topper with baking soda (either the entire topper or just the problem area), and leave it to sit for at least eight hours. Since the baking soda must sit, it’s best to start this project at the beginning of the day so you can return to the comfort of your mattress that same evening. 

Step 5: Vacuum, Re-Assemble, and Enjoy!

After the baking soda has soaked up the remaining liquid and any odors, use a handheld vacuum cleaner and vacuum your mattress topper and reassemble your bed. Then, feel free to return to your regularly scheduled programming: a good night’s sleep with a fresh foam mattress topper!

Mattress Topper Cleaning FAQs

Now that you know how to properly clean your memory foam mattress topper, let’s explore some other questions you may have about mattress pad cleaning. 

Can You Machine Wash a Mattress Topper?

While you might be able to machine wash some types of mattress toppers, we do not recommend machine washing the Casper Foam Mattress Topper.

A washing machine can cause shrinkage (even if you air-dry your mattress pad) and reduce the lifespan of the foam topper. Instead, use the method detailed above for a clean that’s both effective and safe.

How Often Should Mattress Toppers Be Washed?

We recommend cleaning your mattress topper quarterly to maintain a fresh scent and eliminate dust mites—small pests whose feces and body parts can pose an allergen risk.3

In addition, you can clean your mattress topper anytime you replace your sheets

What Causes Yellow Stains on a Mattress Topper?

A yellow mattress stain on a mattress topper is caused by urine and sweat. While wetting the bed is normal among some age groups, sweat stains are common for all age groups. Cleaning your mattress topper regularly can help you keep these yellow stains under control. 

How to Prevent Mattress Topper Stains

While it’s hard to completely prevent stains on a mattress pad, purchasing a mattress topper that’s more breathable can help reduce sleep sweating and the unfortunate sweat stains that come with it. You can also try out Casper’s Hyperlite cooling sheets, which boast 100% TENCEL Lyocell and a unique weave that promotes maximum breathability and cooling comfort no matter the season. 

Improve Your Sleep Quality with Casper

Maintaining a clean mattress topper can improve your overall sleep quality. Instead of staring at the ceiling at night, distracted by unpleasant or mysterious scents, you can sleep soundly and free of olfactory distractions with a fresh, odor-free mattress topper.  

At Casper, we’re all about sound sleep. That’s why each of our products, from our mattress toppers to our pillows, are made with your sleep quality in mind. Explore and experience the Casper difference for yourself. If you’re in the market for a new mattress topper, check out our guide on how to choose a mattress topper.


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