What Are The Different Types Of Platform Beds?

April 20, 2021 | Casper Editorial Team

If you’ve got platform shoes in your closet or a car with maxed-out suspension in your garage, you may be the kind of person who likes to live a more elevated lifestyle. If this sounds like you, you may have considered upping your sleep setup with a platform bed

But platform beds aren’t just for those who like to live the high life. They can be simple, stylish upgrades to any bedroom. 

If you’re ready to raise the standard of your sleep experience with a platform bed, read on for everything you need to know about the different types of platform beds and which might be a fit for you.

What’s a Platform Bed?

First, the basics: the key difference between a platform vs panel bed or other type of standard bed comes down to the support underneath your mattress. A platform bed is made up of a raised frame with a built-in foundation that supports the mattress without a box spring. Since this is a pretty broad definition, there are many different types of platform beds you can choose from.

3 Main Types of Platform Beds

Whether your bedroom setup is a sleek modern haven or a shabby chic refuge of relaxation, you have the following types of beds to choose from when looking for your perfect platform bed.

  1. The Classic Platform

The classic platform bed is your standard issue, no-fuss bed frame that raises your mattress off the ground. A headboard or footboard can be added, but this is a perfect choice for a simple or minimalistic room.

  1. The Storage Platform

Platform beds with built-in storage drawers are a seamless way to take advantage of that useful space underneath your bed. Whether you live in a cramped studio or simply need somewhere to stick all your winter sweaters, some extra storage drawers under your bed is a smart (and stylish) way to save on space.

  1. The Floating Platform

Your memory foam mattress already feels like sleeping on a cloud— why not make it look like one, too? Floating platform beds achieve their floaty allure with strategically located supports. Instead of placing the legs near the bed’s corners, they’re moved closer to the center to achieve the illusion of a hovering bed.

Choosing the Material of Your Platform Bed

Whether you choose a classic, storage, or floating platform, the material of that bed frame will make or break the sleep statement of your bedroom. Take a look at these three bed frame materials to help you choose what kind of statement you want your sleep zone to make. 

  • Wood – Whether you’re going for a charming farmhouse aesthetic or a minimalist design, wood is a solid foundation material for a bed frame. However, wood can stain over time if not properly treated and can be heavy to move.
  • Upholstery – Upholstered platform beds are a classic choice for cozier, more modern bed decor, and they come in a wide variety of colors. A matching upholstered headboard can make your bed a stunning centerpiece to your bedroom. However, keep in mind that upholstery can also stain easily or fade over time.
  • Metal – Metal platform beds are durable beds and aren’t prone to stains the way wood or upholstery frames are. A metal platform bed can also be easier to take apart if you need to move and can fit in with a modern or industrial design.

    Casper’s aircraft-grade aluminum platform bed frame is a perfect example of a metal bed frame’s versatility. Available in multiple headboard color options you can choose your own sleep adventure, wherever your dreams take you.

Envisioning Your Dream Platform Bed

In order to figure out your dream platform bed, you have to dream big—big enough for the whole bedroom, that is. You want your platform bed to fit your bedroom’s style, your sleep needs, and available space as snugly as a fitted sheet on a foam mattress.

While compatible with all types of mattresses, platform bed height can be a challenge for sleepers who struggle to get out of bed. In such cases, there are solutions for how to raise a platform bed to meet your requirements.

As you build out your Pinterest vision board or choose between the different types of platform beds, keep these factors in mind:

  • Aesthetic – Your bedroom aesthetic is all your own. Your platform bed can play up your favorite bedroom design elements.
  • Storage – One (sleeping) beauty of a platform bed is its ability to offer storage options under the bed base. If you have large storage bins that you’ve been meaning to find a place for, the perfect spot may be right under your platform bed.
  • Height – Platform beds usually have low profiles since your mattress goes right on top (that means you don’t need to worry about buying additional supports, such as a box spring or mattress foundation). But you should also consider how high you want your bed to be off the ground.

    If you’re tall enough for varsity basketball, you may want to look for a more elevated platform bed so you can slip in easily without having to hunch over. If you’re on the shorter side, look for a mattress you don’t need mountain climbing equipment for (grab a measuring tape and use your current mattress for reference).
  • Materials – Materials go hand-in-hand with aesthetics. You wouldn’t necessarily see a rustic wooden platform bed in an ultra-sleek bedroom filled with metal accents. 

Raise Your Sleep Standards with Casper

Whether you want to go with a wood or metal frame, add under-bed storage or a floating atmosphere, the platform bed can be just the thing your sleep space is missing. 

If you want to start looking for a platform bed, but aren’t sure where to start, why not check out the Casper Platform Bed Frame & Base? Quick and easy to assemble, you’ll have your bed put together and ready for a wonderful night’s rest in no time.

Platform Bed

A modern support in aircraft-grade aluminum.


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