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Le lit pour chien Casper

Price: 169,00 C

Le lit pour chien Casper

Price: 169,00 C

5 out of 5 Customer Rating
Color: Gray
Le lit pour chien Casper
Price: 169,00 C
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Raisons de l’aimer:

Conçu par la même équipe qui a créé le matelas Casper, notre lit pour chien constitue l'environnement de sommeil idéal adapté au comportement naturel de nos amis à quatre pattes.

Don't Lose Sleep


For dogs up to 30 lbs Full Bed 26" x 19" x 6" Inner Sleep Area 19" x 12" x 3"


For dogs up to 60lbs Full Bed 33" x 25" x 6" Inner Sleep Area 25" x 17" x 2"


For dogs up to 90lbs Full Bed 45" x 35" x 7" Inner Sleep Area 35" x 25" x 2.75"

  • 2-Layer Foam Construction
  • Visco Elastic Memory Foam
  • Polyurethane Support Foam
  • Nylon, Polyester, and Olefin Cover
  • Some Assembly Required

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Ôtez la housse et lavez-la à froid sur un cycle doux. Séchez en machine à basse température. Si nécessaire, utilisez un nettoyant enzymatique pour éliminer les taches difficiles.

Assujetti à la garantie limitée d’un an sur le lit pour chien. En savoir plus

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Les humains l'aiment aussi

En associant notre savoir-faire à un important travail de recherche, nous avons su créer l'environnement de sommeil idéal adapté au comportement naturel du meilleur ami de l'homme.
Couverture déhoussable

Couverture déhoussable

Sa couverture résistante est facile à enlever et à laver.
Fermetures masquées

Fermetures masquées

Des poches cousues servent à masquer les fermetures à glissière en métal, afin qu'elles ne rayent pas votre sol.


Sa construction renforcée ne s'affaisse ni ne se creuse au fil des années.

Tout pour le toutou

En combinant une mousse à mémoire de forme qui allège les points de pression à une mousse offrant un soutien durable, nous avons créé le lit parfait pour Médor. Comme tous les matelas, direz-vous ?

✨ As seen on the Drew Barrymore Show!

Les chiens l'adorent

Notre matelas offre un surplus de matière en surface qui imite la texture de la terre que les chiens aiment à creuser.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s be honest, your pup can probably fall asleep just about anywhere. But just because they can doesn’t mean they should. Dogs can sleep up to 20 hours a day and it’s much better for their joints and muscles if they’re properly supported with pressure-relieving memory foam, like Casper’s Dog Bed.

The ones that offer your dog real support! Dog pillows and beds made of thin, worn-down stuffing aren’t much different from your dog sleeping on the floor. Casper's Dog Bed is designed with a two-layer foam construction to combine pressure-relieving memory foam with durable, supportive foam for all-night comfort for your pup.

When looking for the ideal dog bed, some key elements you should factor into design include:

  • Soft but scratch-resistant fabric
  • A comfortable, supportive structure
  • Fortified construction to maintain its shape long-term
  • Easy to clean
  • The right fit for your dog

Casper’s memory foam dog bed comes with a removable, machine-washable cover for easy cleaning. Check out our guide on how to wash your dog bed and learn how to prep your cover before tossing it in the washing machine.

Almost every dog digs at their bed because it's a natural instinct to make their place warm and comfortable before lying down.

However, that may not be the only reason. Domestic pets might dig at their beds for various reasons like:

  • Marking territory
  • Curiosity
  • Anxiety

Learn more in our article on why dogs scratch their beds.

The right dog bed is firm enough to help support your dog’s achy joints and bones but soft enough to keep them comfortable. This is often achieved with a memory foam design, as it’s both firm and soft. If you are a dog owner and you want to give your pup the very best pet bed, the Casper mattress can be a great choice.

As a dog lover, you may want some snuggles with your little snoozer. When it comes to sleeping with your dog, it’s mostly a matter of pet parent preference. Although, there are some potential downsides to constant doggie-sleepovers. Dogs have shorter sleep cycles than humans, meaning they’ll likely wake up, shift around, and disturb your rest an average of three times during your natural eight-hour sleep cycle. With a Casper Dog Bed, your canine companion can enjoy the same comfortable, memory foam design as you, but without disturbing your sleep.


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