The Wave Mattress

Our groundbreaking mattress — made with science to feel like magic.

Our groundbreaking mattress — made with science to feel like magic.

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Precisely engineered for ergonomic support where you need it most.It’s a breakthrough in sleep technology.
Hyper-Targeted Support™ for ergonomic spine alignment

Hyper-Targeted Support™ for ergonomic spine alignment

5 layers of foam, including a cushioning top layer

5 layers of foam, including a cushioning top layer

Breathable, open-cell foams sleep cool

Breathable, open-cell foams sleep cool

Hyper-Targeted Support™

Our patent-pending support system actively mirrors the shape of your body at 36 specific points for the deepest, most restorative sleep.

A top layer so soft and sensitive,
it lulls you to sleep.

Our R&D team introduced a new foam layer with a soft, velvety feel. As you settle in, it melts away, allowing you to experience the advanced support below.

Increased sensitivity and responsiveness

Temperature regulation —
to a whole new degree.

The Wave uses heat-wicking, open-cell foams to divert excess heat away from your body to keep you cool all night.

Advanced heat wicking and temperature regulation

“It’s our take on expanding the world of ergonomics.”

Jesse Menayan, Design Director at Casper Labs

Free White Glove Delivery with your Wave

Let our White Glove team do the heavy lifting for you.

Great sleep, simplified

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Sleep now, pay later

To make it even easier to get better sleep, you can finance your Wave through Affirm.*

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  • Dave Scullycheckmark
    Mason, OH
    Super comfy! I sleep deeper and find myself getting up less frequently every night. I’m actually having dreams again I sleep so well! To top it off the knot in my shoulder has all but disappeared in the month I’ve had my Casper Wave. I sleep better and feel better all the way around :)
  • Martin Adamscheckmark
    Nevada City, NV
    LOVE my Casper Wave
    The bed feels just so... solid, yet soft. Exactly what I need to feel safe and fall asleep: a sense of stability, yet also a welcoming sense of “falling into” the bed. Highly recommend the Casper Wave. Thanks all for creating an awesome product.
  • Ryan Ullrichcheckmark
    Chicago, IL
    World's best sleep
    The Casper Wave is easily the World's best sleep. From morning 1 to morning 100, I woke up with no aches or pains. I have fallen asleep faster and stayed asleep. The only downside is that I don't want to get out of bed anymore. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to sleep comfortably night after night.
  • Tara and Ferrincheckmark
    Maple Ridge, British Columbia
    Pleasantly surprised.
    We enjoyed unboxing and assembling our bed and frame. The frame was very quick and easy to assemble-LOVE that we didn't need any tools!! It easily snapped into place. We received our mattress and frame midweek and had the opportunity to assemble Sunday morning, last night was our first nights sleep in our new bed. It was lovely! The mattress is firm enough with just the right amount softness! Our only regret is we had to leave our warm comfortable bed when the alarm rang this morning! We are very much looking forward to a full nights rest tonight! We really enjoy the bed, it's very comfortable and supporting.
  • Cat Huntercheckmark
    San Francisco, CA
    We slept through an earthquake on the Wave!
    We had a 4.4 earthquake in SF this week that woke up all of our friends and colleagues - but my husband and I slept through it, which gives you an idea of how stable and comfortable this mattress is! So much better than our old spring mattress which had started to sink in places. We ordered the foundation and Wave in the California King and had the white glove delivery as part of the package, which was awesome. We've only had the bed about 3 weeks but we're so pleased with it already. Sleeping like babies.
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