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Queen Mattresses

Shop award-winning Queen size foam mattresses for great sleep, at an even greater price.

The One

Foam Mattress

Up to $350 OFF

Better sleep starts with One.
Price: $1,245 Sale Price: $995


Hybrid Mattress

Up to $480 OFF

Dreamy ergonomic comfort.
Price: $1,875 Sale Price: $1,495


Hybrid Mattress

Up to $630 OFF

Cooler sleep. All night.
Price: $2,495 Sale Price: $1,995

Dream Max

Hybrid Mattress

Up to $780 OFF

The ultimate ergonomic support.
Price: $3,125 Sale Price: $2,495

Snow Max

Hybrid Mattress

Up to $930 OFF

Maximum support. Coolest sleep. All night.
Price: $3,745 Sale Price: $2,995

Included with every Casper mattress

Free shipping and returns*
Free shipping and returns*
100-night risk free mattress trial
100-night risk free mattress trial
10 Year Limited Mattress Warranty*

10 Year Limited Mattress Warranty*

Quick, simple financing options

Quick, simple financing options

Compatible with most bed frames
Compatible with most bed frames

* Select products ineligible for free shipping or returns where indicated. Additional shipping fees apply to AK and HI.

Mattress Size Chart
Twin: 38 inches by 75 inches; Twin XL: 38 inches by 80 inches; Full: 53 inches by75 inches; Queen: 60 inches by 80 inches; King: 76 inches by 80 inches; California King: 72 inches by 84 inches

How big is a Queen size mattress?

A queen size mattress is 80 inches long and 60 inches wide.

Mattress sizing chart

Twin Mattress - 38" x 75" : Often found in kid's rooms and studio apartments.

Twin XL Mattress - 38" x 80": Often found in college dorm rooms and studio apartments

Full Mattress - 53" x 75": Often found in guest rooms.

Queen Mattress - 60" x 80": Often found in master bedrooms.

King Mattress - 76" x 80": Often found in extra large master bedrooms.

California King Mattress - 72" x 84": Often found in extra large master bedrooms, perfect for gathering the family.

The best part of your day. Every night.

With its cooling foam and luxurious dimensions, the Casper Queen is an unrivalled sleep experience. The Queen is as long as a full size mattress with an extra half-foot of width. It's ideal for couples or anyone who loves to sprawl out while they snooze.

Designed to support your weight while contouring to your body.

Like all Casper mattresses, the Queen has been tested and refined to deliver deep, comfortable sleep for years to come. Side-effects may include sweet dreams and feelings of weightlessness.

A Casper One mattress will isolate your movement - thanks to proprietary foam technology.

Enough room to move around all you like. Larger than a Full or Twin, you'll have enough room to not bother the person you're sleeping with.

Queen Size Mattress

In summary, a Queen size mattress is perfect for anyone who has a spacious master bedroom and wants some luxurious extra width.

Queen Size Hybrid Mattresses

Dive into the realm of unparalleled relaxation with our queen size hybrid mattresses. Combining the soft feel of memory foam with the sturdy resilience of encased coils, these mattresses are designed to conform to your form while providing a hint of buoyancy during sleep. Every detail promotes enhanced ventilation, ensuring you remain chilled as you transcend into slumber. Scroll down to explore a fusion of cushioning, sturdiness, and thermal regulation, curated specifically for your nocturnal retreat.

Four Queen Hybrid Mattress options to choose from

There are four versions to choose from if you're looking for a Queen bed. Our hybrid collection combines the pressure relief of our original foam layers with the added lift from resilient springs.

Dream Max

Dream Max

Our ultimate hybrid mattress with precision-cut foam and encased coils. Engineered with a gooey yet supportive medium-soft feel perfect for any sleep style—especially side sleepers.

Snow Max
Wave Hybrid Mattress

Snow Max

Our ultimate cooling hybrid mattress. Engineered with precision-cut foam and encased coils for a breathable and supportive medium-soft feel and Snow Technology for 12+ hours of cooler sleep.

Dream Hybrid Mattress


Our hybrid mattress pairs responsive foam with traditional encased coils. Designed with a gooey-medium feel that’s perfect for any sleep style—especially side sleepers.



Our signature cooling hybrid mattress. Designed with soothing foam and encased coils for a supportive, medium feel plus Snow Technology for 12+ hours of cooler sleep.

Queen Size Memory Foam Mattresses

Experience tranquility with our queen size memory foam mattresses. Intricately crafted with cutting-edge memory foam innovations, each mattress serves as an oasis where the curves of your physique are tenderly embraced, aligning your vertebrae and alleviating daily stresses during your sleep. Our memory foam offerings are your gateway to a sleeping environment that marries comfort with ventilation. Explore below to unveil a realm of nocturnal indulgence tuned to your individual coziness preferences.

One Memory Foam Queen Mattress

You may have fallen in love with the perfect Queen mattress, but there are a few different versions of our award-winning mattress to choose from. Want extra features? Or need a simpler model? We've got you covered.

The Original


The One was engineered using feedback and data from customers like you. If sleeping on a cloud sounds good, consider this your sweet spot.

Memory Foam vs. Hybrid Queen Size Mattresses

Queen size memory foam mattresses are known for their superior body contouring, providing sleepers with a consistent embrace throughout the night. By adapting closely to your shape, these mattresses effectively address pressure points and deliver a tailored sleeping experience.

On the flip side, hybrid mattresses elevate your sleep by merging the deep comfort of memory foam with the supportive resilience of springs. This blend not only offers the softness of memory foam but also introduces enhanced ventilation, solid edge support, and a touch of bounce.

Looking to learn more? Check out our comprehensive memory foam vs. hybrid mattresses guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

A standard queen mattress is 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. When you factor in an additional bed frame or foundation, you might add up to five inches of width and length—65 x 85 inches altogether.

Every Casper mattress foundation works like a standard box spring, so there will be no added height to the mattress you select.

On average, a good queen mattress costs anywhere from $500 to $3,000, depending on the mattress type. For a standard memory foam mattress, a high-quality queen-size costs at least $1,400 Similarly, a queen-size hybrid mattress costs around $2,300. The more expensive mattresses are priced as such because they feature advanced technology and special features.

For budget-friendly shoppers, Casper’s Element queen foam mattress offers durable, breathable support at an affordable price. For a truly deluxe sleep experience, pair Casper’s layered Wave Hybrid queen mattress with advanced Snow Technology for optimal cool temperatures.

A queen mattress sits at 60 inches wide and 80 inches long, while a full mattress measures 53 inches wide and 75 inches long. This means a queen size adds 7 inches in width and 5 inches in length when compared to a full size.

While the difference may seem small, those extra few inches can seriously improve comfort levels for some sleepers, especially couples and those who have a sprawling sleeping style.


Learn more in our guide on Queen vs Full.

When selecting a new mattress, the choice between a full or queen depends on your home, lifestyle, and sleep needs.

For most solo sleepers, both a full and a queen bed offer plenty of space. But if you want to be able to sprawl out and enjoy every inch of your luxurious mattress, then a queen is the way to go. For couples, the choice is more complicated. A full bed makes for a tight, cozy sleeping experience with two people, which some partners might actually prefer! For most couples, however, a queen bed adds those extra inches of breathing room necessary for comfort. For this reason, it’s typically seen as the best bed size for couples.

Naturally, room dimensions also factor into your choice of mattress type. If considering a queen bed, your room should be at least 10 x 10 feet to leave a comfortable amount of space around the mattress’ perimeter. In comparison, your room could be only 9 x 9.5 feet and still accommodate a full bed, or even smaller if you plan to fit your mattress into a corner.

Once you've decided on a full or queen size mattress, remember to consider other factors like the firmness level and special features before making a purchase.

In most cases, yes. At 60 x 80 inches, a queen mattress offers plenty of personal space for more than one sleeper.

There are a few exceptions to this rule, namely family homes and very hot sleepers. For couples with a child (or even a furry friend), you might need a king size bed mattress or larger to comfortably accommodate the extra bodies. If you're looking for a new mattress and either you or your partner tends to run hot at night, you might need the extra breathing room of a king bed—or a queen-size mattress with advanced cooling technology.

How Casper keeps prices low and quality high

When Casper was founded in 2014, many people were skeptical. Would consumers really buy a standard king size mattress without testing it first? Several years and numerous awards later, we have an answer: It turns out no one likes visiting stuffy mattress showrooms to make high-stakes purchases under the scrutiny of needy salespeople. (Who knew??)

Everyone loves the ease and convenience of buying online from a trusted source, and having a high-quality mattress shipped in a box to their doorstep. And people keep spreading the word that our mattresses deliver unparalleled comfort and support, top-notch construction quality, and high-tech, innovative design.

But the Casper experience isn’t just about quality, trust, and transparency. Our mattresses are a mere fraction of other brands’ prices. That’s because we’ve flipped the mattress industry on its head. By eliminating showrooms and middlemen, we keep our costs low - and pass those savings on directly to you.