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The Cooling Collection Obsessively engineered cover to core Snow Technology combats overheating at every angle. Obsessively engineered cover to core Snow Technology combats overheating at every angle. Obsessively engineered cover to core Snow Technology combats overheating at every angle.
Cooler sleep. All night.

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Maximum support. Coolest sleep. All night.
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Sleep hot? It’s not just you.

Snow Technology is our most advanced solution to night time overheating.

HeatDelete™ Bands, Phase Change Material and a cooling Snow Cover keep you comfortably cool from the moment you crawl into bed.


Cool for 12+ hours

Now you can sleep cooler from dusk until dawn.


Tested over 150x

Snow Technology is our most advanced cooling system.


Patent-pending comfort

Sleep innovations that you can only expect from Casper.

Cooling that lasts all night.

Cooling that lasts all night.

Cover to core Snow Technology combats overheating at every angle.

  • Bedtime starts with a cool (and cozy) to the touch cover.
  • Phase Change Material instantly pulls excess heat away.
  • Heat Delete Bands work for 12+ hours of your coolest sleep (only in Casper).

The coolest technology we’ve ever made.

Cool to the touch

Moves heat away 20% faster

Specialty cool-to-the-touch fibers give an instantly refreshing feel to help you get cozy.

12+ hours of cooling

Engineered to continuously pull excess heat away from the body so you can sleep throughout the night—without interruptions.

See all the cooling mattresses side by side See all the cooling mattresses side by side.
See all the cooling mattresses side by side.

Frequently asked questions

For all the sleepers who say temperature ruins their sleep, a cooling mattress is the solution they’ve been waiting for.

Cooling mattresses combine foundational bed support with body temperature-regulating technology. At Casper, we use research-backed Snow Technology and AirScape® for maximum cooling properties and comfort. Through this design, your mattress is breathable, cushioned, and heat-resistant—the result is a sweat-free and perfectly comfortable rest.

Absolutely! With the right technology, cooling foam mattresses are the perfect (and scientifically-backed) bedding for any hot sleeper.

Need proof? The QuickCool™ Cover and HeatDelete™ Bands have cooling features that help you feel 24% cooler when you get into bed, removes 34% more heat under the covers, and delivers 6 degrees cooler sleep for at least 12+ hours.

Based on Casper Labs testing comparing the Wave Hybrid Snow to the Wave Hybrid.

Speaking in general terms, they’re a bit cooler—however, it depends on which hybrid mattress you’re comparing to which memory foam.

Certain memory foams are insulatory, meaning they contain heat. And without springs, memory foam mattresses might stifle airflow. However, Casper’s unique memory foam mattresses use the same AirScape® cooling technology as our hybrid mattresses, granting a cooler sleep experience than plenty of standard memory foams.

Still, for maximum chill, the perforated layers of our hybrid mattresses with Snow Technology are unbeatable.

A cooling mattress is the first step. For a temperature-regulated summer, you’ll need to create a breathable, chill-friendly bedroom:

  • Cool down your sleep setup – Even with a cooling mattress, heat-trapping pillows or sheets can ruin your sleep. That’s why you need proper bedding for hot sleepers. Build a 100% breathable bed with Casper’s help! Add our Hyperlite™ cooling sheets or our cooling duvet cover with a cool foam mattress.
  • Turn on the fan – Low-energy and comforting, fans are great for hot nights. Ceiling fans cool an entire room, but box fans better target your bed.
  • Run AC during daytime – To save money and prep a cool night’s rest, run your AC system for an hour before bed. You’ll set the perfect sleep-ready temperature without wasting energy through the night. Not sure what temperature to set your room? Discover the best temperature for sleep.

Usually, night sweats result from trapped body heat. To stay dry, you need a mattress with a few heat-releasing qualities, like Casper’s Nova and Wave mattresses:


  • Breathability – Your cooling mattress should have porous materials and designs. That way, your bedding transfers excess heat and humidity out, keeping perspiration at bay.
  • Hybrid design – Mattresses made with 100% foam are very supportive—but zero springs mean less space for body heat to escape. Look for a hybrid mattress to get the best of both worlds.
  • Cool-touch materials – Some bedding materials, like our QuickCool™ Cover in the Snow Technology, can circulate heat away from your body and instantly reduce bed temperatures.

They can certainly help. Sweat-wicking, breathable fabrics transfer body heat away, leaving behind a cooler bed. You’ll likely sleep more comfortably, though your hot flashes won’t go away.

Our Hyperlite™ Cooling Sheets are just one part of the cooling bed sheet equation. For total body temperature regulation, adopt a few of these nighttime tips:

Cool down your entire bed – Try our breathable mattresses, duvets, cooling pillow, and mattress protectors—all created with our unique cooling technology.

Wash up – Take a warm shower or bath before bedtime. The external heat will actually lower your inner body temperature and blood pressure.

Eat right – Avoid eating right before bed, since digestion can spike body heat. Spicy and very salty meals have similar sweat-inducing effects.

Fan it out – Utilize overhead or standing fans for low-energy cooling all night. In particular, place box fans in windows to push hot air out as cool air blows in.

Learn more in our guide on how to stay at cool at night.