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Sheets & Pillowcases:


Mattress Products:

Snoozewear™ Blanket Robe

Wear the comfort of bedtime all day long.

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The Dog Bed

We combined pressure-relieving memory foam and durable support foam to create a bed that loves dogs back.

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Glow Nightlight

The motion sensor gradually increases brightness when there’s any nearby movement.

Night Owl Mode: This setting switches on the motion sensor, making it great for hallways, bathrooms, and kitchens.

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Frequently asked questions

It is true that certain types of light can impact the quality of your sleep, which is why we created the Glow to produce a warm hue of 2700k — this means it gives out little to no “blue light” which has been shown to be disruptive to natural sleep rhythms. Glow also turns off on its own so you can drift-off without worrying. Sweet dreams all round!

Yes! Glow Chargers are available for purchase by contacting our sales team at +1 917.382.8157

The backlit design provides a gentle, soft light that does not disrupt your sleep and the optional motion sensor offers light whenever you need it.

Many choose to sleep with a night light both for the practicality of navigating their bedroom or hallway in the middle of the night and for the calming effect of ambient light in an otherwise pitch dark setting.

The Casper Glow Night Light has a Sleep Mode which automatically turns the light on as your bedroom gets dark. With a soft pool of indirect soft light, you can enjoy its ambiance without disrupting your sleep.

The ones that offer your dog real support! Dog pillows and beds made of thin, worn-down stuffing aren’t much different from your dog sleeping on the floor. Casper's Dog Bed is designed with a two-layer foam construction to combine pressure-relieving memory foam with durable, supportive foam for all-night comfort for your pup.

The right dog bed is firm enough to help support your dog’s achy joints and bones but soft enough to keep them comfortable. This is often achieved with a memory foam design, as it’s both firm and soft. If you are a dog owner and you want to give your pup the very best pet bed, the Casper mattress can be a great choice.