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The best beds just got better.

We've always been a sleep company that dreams bigger. Now, we've made the most loved mattresses even more lovable. How?

Product tests</br> (not counting snoozes)

Product tests
(not counting snoozes)

Prototyping and testing machines.

Prototyping and testing machines.

Our not so secret formula for better sleep.

Sleep Easier

We take cozy very seriously. That's why our quilts, covers, and foams are tirelessly tested to help you relax and fall asleep faster.

Sleep Deeper

Good sleep isn't subjective. Fewer disruptions = deeper sleep. So we created precise ergonomic zoning and breathable foams to keep you dreaming.

Sleep All Night

We don't leave your sleep to chance. A firm base provides long-lasting support, while innovative cooling technology keeps you the perfect temperature all night long.

Meet the whole new Casper.

Sleep will never be the same.

The One
The mattress that broke the Internet—reimagined.

20% OFF

The One
  • Supportive feel with the perfect bit of bounce relieves the day's pressures.
  • Breathable support foam cradles you all night and keeps air flowing.
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From Price: $875 Sale Price: $695
The Hybrids
Premium support and comfort. Less interruptions.

20% OFF

  • 3 zones of enhanced support keep you aligned to stop tossing and turning.
  • 12" of cradling foam and responsive coils for dreamy comfort.
  • Available as Snow with all night cooling and premium memory foam feel.
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From Price: $1,495 Sale Price: $1,195
The Maxes
Everything you need to sleep better—nothing you don’t.

20% OFF

Dream Max
  • 7 zones of maximum support keep you aligned and cradle the curve of your body.
  • 14” of ultra-supportive foam and responsive coils for your deepest nights rest.
  • Precisely-cut foam provides all night relief from aches and pain.
  • Available as Snow Max with maximum cooling and premium memory foam feel.
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From Price: $2,495 Sale Price: $1,995

Included with every Casper mattress

Free shipping and returns*
Free shipping and returns*
100-night risk free mattress trial
100-night risk free mattress trial
10 Year Limited Mattress Warranty*

10 Year Limited Mattress Warranty*

Quick, simple financing options

Quick, simple financing options

Compatible with most bed frames
Compatible with most bed frames

* Select products ineligible for free shipping or returns where indicated. Additional shipping fees apply to AK and HI.

Which mattress is right for you? Which mattress is right for you? Which mattress is right for you?

You slept.
We listened.

Since the beginning, we've designed our mattresses around real people, which means lots of feedback. Lots and lots of feedback.

We've kept what you love.

And changed what you didn't.

“It’s supportive and oh so quiet...”

“It’s supportive and oh so quiet...”

“I’ve taken four naps and can’t</br>
seem to stop...”

“I’ve taken four naps and can’t
seem to stop...”

“zzZzZzzzz so comfy</br>
I could sleep forever.”

“zzZzZzzzz so comfy
I could sleep forever.”

You're not dreaming. Yet.

Take cozy to a whole new level.

Frequently asked

A mattress in a box is a mattress that’s compressed in an air-sealed bag and rolled tight so that it can fit into a box that’s easier to maneuver than a traditional mattress. Allowing you the flexibility of picking your mattress online and having it easily delivered to your door.

When you receive the mattress, all you’ll need to do is pull it out of its packaging, lay it flat, and let it expand.

We want everyone to get the best sleep possible and know it takes a few nights, washes, and naps to get a feel for the difference Casper can make. With our risk-free trial and return policy, you can try Casper products in the comfort of your own home--pressure-free.


We believe you should sleep on your mattress to decide if you like it (it can take the body 30 nights to adjust to a new mattress). We offer a 100-night trial on mattresses, and if you’re not 100% in love after the first 30-Night Adjustment Period, returns are free and easy.

Soft Goods (Pillows, Sheets, Bedding):

You can return your Casper soft good items and get a full refund within 30 days of delivery or within 30 days of an in-store purchase, provided the merchandise is unused and in its original packaging and condition. 

Furniture and Accessories:

It’s important to test out all your Casper products in your own sleep environment. We offer a 30-night trial on all other Casper products so that you can do just that. When you purchase your furniture with a paired mattress, we're happy to extend the trial to 100 nights to match that of your mattress.


When you purchase a Casper Bundle, all of the items in the bundle will have the same trial period. If your bundle includes a mattress, the entire bundle will have a 100-night trial period. If your bundle does not include a mattress, it will have a 30-night trial period and a 30-night adjustment period. Bundles must be returned in full — individual products from the bundle may not be returned alone.

All the foams in our mattresses are CertiPUR-US® certified, and our mattress covers are OEKO-TEX® certified

CertiPUR-US® approved foams are made without ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals, formaldehyde, and phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. They are Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million).

OEKO-TEX® means you can be certain that every component of this article, i.e., every thread, button, and other accessories, has been tested for harmful substances and that the article, therefore, is harmless for human health.

Buying a new mattress is not a one-size-fits-all situation, so it’s essential to evaluate your individual needs. If you have a history of back pain or sleep problems, you may want a free trial period to help you make sure you’re comfortable with your new mattress.

Here are some major factors you will want to consider when choosing a mattress.

Your Room Size

The amount of space available to you should be considered. A larger mattress will take up more space, so plan accordingly and ensure there is plenty of space in your bedroom for your mattress.

Below are the mattress sizes in square inches and square feet.

Twin: 2,925 sq. in./20.3 sq. ft.

Twin XL: 3,120 sq. in./21.7 sq. ft.

Full: 4,050 sq. in./28.1 sq. ft.

Queen: 4,800 sq. in./33.3 sq. ft.

King: 6,080 sq. in./42.2 sq. ft.

California King: 6,048 sq. in./42 sq. ft.

Your Body Size

You should take your height and width into consideration when choosing a mattress. A typical twin mattress is 75 inches tall, while a twin XL is 80 inches tall. If an individual is taller than six feet two inches, a twin mattress is probably not for them. Instead, it’s best to go with the XL, full, queen, or king bed—all of which can accommodate someone who is up to 6 feet 7 inches.

Those that are taller than 7 feet should opt for a California king bed. For those who want more space on either side of their body, a full, queen, or king bed will be the most comfortable.

Your Budget

The amount of money you are willing to spend on a mattress can also help you choose the right size. Buying a mattress that meets both your size needs and your financial needs is key.

Still unsure? Check out our Mattress Size Comparison guide

At Casper, we believe in better living through better sleep for everyone: our mattresses do not have a weight limit and are designed to support all shapes and sizes. As with nearly all new products, there may be a slight break-in period. Depending on how much weight your mattress is supporting, it may sleep a little softer or firmer — but the fundamental feel will remain the same.

That said, we always recommend using your mattress on a firm, flat, supportive base such as a platform bed or sturdy wooden slats (3-4 inches apart) in order to ensure its longevity. The Casper foundation is also designed to keep the mattress in tip-top shape for many years to come.

Rotating the mattress every 3 to 5 months is incredibly helpful to even the wear and tear on the surface. Since the Casper is a foam mattress, the cells will break down over time and with use, and rotating helps maintain the overall support and feel.

A hybrid mattress combines the pressure relief of foam with the sturdy feel of resilient springs for added support and bounce.

Memory foam is a synthetic material known for its use in mattresses (although it’s also used in bedding, shoes, and furniture). It’s soft, durable, and heat-wicking abilities provide support for aching joints and have made it popular with sleepers of all body types and sleep styles.

As our Casper mattresses are not considered medical devices, we always recommend consulting with your medical professional regarding your specific needs. Every medical condition is unique in nature, but we’ve had many, many Casper mattress customers report relief in back pain!

Feel free to browse our reviews to find other sleepers with similar medical concerns.