How to Cover a Box Spring 5 Different Ways

March 22, 2022 | Casper Editorial Team

Box springs are a common style of bed base designed to offer traditional types of mattresses an extra dose of support.

However, if you’re searching for creative ways to curb attention away from your box spring or mattress foundation, you’re in luck. Here, we’ll offer 6 design tips on how to hide box spring bed frames so you can enjoy some shut-eye without the unnecessary eyesore.

5 Ways To Cover A Box Spring

Those seeking a box spring cover for either a low profile or standard profile box spring have two options: summon the power of decor to call attention elsewhere or reconsider bed frame alternatives that may be better suited to your sleep needs.

First, let’s compare some solutions from the world of interior decorating.

1. Use a Bed Skirt

The bed skirt, also known as a dust ruffle, is a time-honored way to use decor as a box spring cover and make the bedroom feel a touch cozier. There are 3 common designs to choose from:

  • Traditional bed skirt
  • Wrap-around bed skirt
  • Drop bed skirt

In addition to box spring covers, dust ruffles also work to keep colonies of dust bunnies from taking over the space beneath your bed frame.

That said, bed skirts also tend to collect dirt and debris around the perimeter of your bed, so remember to tack this extra piece of bedding onto your weekly laundry list if you go the dust ruffle route.

2. Repurpose Your Fitted Sheet

If you’re looking for a no-buy solution to your bed frame woes and have some extra bedding to spare, try slipping a fitted or flat sheet over your box spring.

Because bed bases tend to be wider and more angular than mattresses, be mindful not to overstretch or tear your fitted sheet if you try this solution. If your fitted sheet is made of a flexible fabric (e.g. jersey), you may be able to achieve a flattering, streamlined look for your bed base (and flex your DIY chops while you’re at it).

3. Make Room for Storage

For many sleepers, particularly those who live in tight quarters, finding a way to organize and store bedroom clutter can be an ever-present burden.

This under-the-bed storage space is a brilliant way to put your possessions in their place while drawing attention away from your box spring. You can store everything from winter wear that won’t fit in your closet to seasonal bedding that can keep you cool during hot summer nights. To incorporate extra storage under your box spring, you’ll need two things:

  • Bed risers – The most popular material for bed risers is plastic, but you’ll also find more aesthetically appealing options in wood, metal, and even vibrant acrylics to match your bedroom color scheme.
  • Storage containers – Rolling drawers, rattan baskets, and wooden storage bins are aesthetically flattering ways to make the most of your storage space. 

As it happens, keeping your bedroom clutter-free isn’t just a matter of tidiness—environmental cues are a decisive factor in sleep hygiene, telling your brain and body whether it can ease into the state of relaxation that precedes a solid night’s sleep.1

4. Try an Overhead Canopy

For a dreamy way to conceal box springs through decor, consider mounting a canopy over your bed.

As a fancy design element in its own right, canopies can also have functional benefits, like filtering out ambient light from your cocoon or even being bug-proof and keeping insects like mosquitoes from disturbing your rest.

5. Invest In A Different Bed Frame

If you’re in the throes of figuring out how to cover a box spring, it may be in your interest to take a step back and ask do you need a box spring?

Box spring bed frames were built for mattresses designed with innersprings, a structural component many modern mattresses no longer use. In fact, modern mattresses have support, shock absorption, and plushness written into their makeup already, and a box spring can actually damage the longevity of their designs. 

The following modern types of mattresses can be used without a box spring:

  • Latex
  • Foam
  • Hybrid

Aside from not being mandatory for these types of mattresses, box springs are also a well-known host to dust mites, which can aggravate allergies (and the heeby jeebies).2

If you have a latex, foam, or hybrid mattress, you can pair it with one of two types of bed bases instead:

  • Platform – Platforms, like Casper’s Haven Bed Frame, sit lower to the ground, creating a cloud-like cushion for foam and hybrid mattresses.
  • Foundation – Foundations, like Casper’s Mattress Foundation + Base, are bed-makers’ modern take on box springs, with slats to give mattresses an extra dose of support and give. What makes this different from a box spring, though? Check out our comparison for a detailed comparison of box springs vs. foundations.

At the end of the day, you want bedtime to be a ritual to look forward to. This may mean letting go of your entire box spring and choosing a design that can do right by your mattress, and your quality of rest. 

Build a Dreamier Bedtime with Casper

Breaking up can be hard to do, but you’ll look forward to parting ways with a dusty box spring when you have Casper to revamp your setup. 

For new, top-quality bed frames, mattresses, and all things sleep, shop Casper’s complete catalog and give your box spring the old heave-ho.


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