Silk Pillowcase and Sleep Mask Set

Price: $119 Sale Price: $29.75

Silk Pillowcase and Sleep Mask Set

Price: $119 Sale Price: $29.75
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Silk Pillowcase & Sleep Mask Set
Price: $119 Sale Price: $29.75

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Why you’ll love it:

Luxuriously smooth and breathable, our 100% Mulberry Silk isn’t just easy on the eyes — it’s easy on your hair and skin, too.

  • Made with 100% Mulberry Silk.
  • Helps protect hair and skin from friction damage.

Contains 1 silk pillowcase and 1 silk sleep mask

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Pillowcase: 21’’ x 29’’ Mask: 8.25" x 4"


Pillowcase: 21’’ x 37’’ Mask: 8.25" x 4"
  • 100% Mulberry Silk

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Frequently Asked Questions

Besides its irresistible silky smooth feel, silk is especially helpful in protecting both skin and hair from friction damage. Many people experience less dryness and frizziness when they wake up each morning.

At Casper, our Silk is made with 100% pure Mulberry Silk that feels just as amazing as it looks.

Most people that have used a silk pillowcase would agree that they are! First and foremost, you can think of it as a mini blackout curtain. Humans spend such a large portion of every 24-hour period resting our heads on our pillows. By adding silk pillowcases to your bedding, you’re protecting your hair and delicate facial skin from damage that could be caused by lower-quality fabrics and investing in your continued self-care.

Silk pillowcases are widely regarded as higher-quality for hair and skin protection, which you’ll see reflected in the slightly higher price point.


The difference between silk and satin is that silk is created from natural fibers, while satin is a synthetic, man-made fabric created from a specific weave. The natural properties of silk are largely responsible for reducing frizz, damage, and tangles in the morning.


If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line fabric, the Casper Silk Pillowcase + Sleep Mask Set features a pure Mulberry Silk pillowcase that has a luxurious and smooth feel. It’s available in multiple colors to match any bedding, and it’s the perfect addition to any sleep set.

The best material for a sleep mask is silk. Silk is a natural fabric that doesn’t irritate your hair and delicate facial skin, even after being in direct contact for a long period.


Wearing a silk sleep eye mask to bed will ensure the delicate skin in your area is protected both from the pesky morning sun and any friction damage that could be caused by a lesser fabric.

When you wear a slip silk sleep mask, the silk fabric protects the sensitive skin around your eyes and forehead from friction damage, helping you look and feel as fresh as ever when you wake from your beauty sleep.


The Casper Silk Pillowcase + Sleep Mask Set includes a silk sleep mask made from 100% Mulberry Silk that brings a delightful amount of comfort and breathability to any night’s sleep.