How to Fold Fitted and Flat Sheets

July 30, 2021 | Casper Editorial Team

A clean, organized linen closet can spark a surprising amount of joy, and it also makes the regular task of changing your bed sheets much less of a hassle. Opening the doors to an array of mismatched sets and wrinkled sheets can easily turn a quick chore into an all-day obstacle course. 

If your dreams of an orderly linen closet are thwarted, we may know the cause. You don’t know how to fold bed sheets properly.

Not sure how to achieve a perfectly folded fitted sheet? Though they’ve got a reputation for being challenging to maneuver, a might be easier to fold than you think. There’s also a secret to folding flat sheets that will help keep everything in your closet in its proper place.

Save time and kick the clutter with these simple tricks for how to fold sheets.

How to Fold a Fitted Bed Sheet Without the Hassle

Folding a fitted sheet can seem like a herculean task on laundry day. Even when you call upon a sheet-folding teammate to help you out, your bed sheet might still wind up in a twisted heap of cotton. 

Ready to learn how to fold a fitted sheet? Follow these steps to get the perfect fold every time. The only assistance you’ll need when folding sheets? Your own two hands and a flat surface. 

  1. Start by placing a freshly laundered fitted sheet on a flat surface, with the elastic facing up. 
  1. Next, grasp the bottom two corners in between your thumb and index finger on each side and pull them up to meet the top two corners.
  1. Instead of laying the bottom corners to rest on top of the upper corners, tuck them underneath and up into where the top corners come to a point. The result should be a half-folded sheet that forms an archway-like shape where the elastic ridges meet. 
  1. Next, fold from the bottom again, bringing the lower third of the fitted sheet up to the center—not all the way to the top. This should distribute the sheet more evenly so that the top and bottom are of equal thickness. 
  1. Working in thirds from left to right, fold once to the center and once more to meet the far right side of the sheet. 
  1. To finish, crease the narrow, tri-folded rectangle in the middle and fold up to make a square. 

Use a visual for extra guidance if needed, but after a few trials, you’ll be folding free-form fitted sheets into crisp-cornered squares every time. 

How to Fold Flat Sheets to Save Space

Once you’ve mastered the art of folding fitted sheets, whether they are made of tencel or cotton, set your orderly masterpiece off to the side and take out the flat sheet of the same set. Flat sheets are much easier to fold when comparing a fitted vs. flat sheet.

Ready for a space-saving hack that will also keep each piece of your bedding set together in one place? 

  1. Start with a clean flat sheet and set it, again, on a flat surface. Fold it once in half, and then in half again, creating a large rectangle. 
  1. Next, take your folded fitted sheet from nearby, lay it on top of the flat sheet, placing it neatly in the top left corner of the flat sheet. 
  1. Gather the pillowcases that correspond with the set, crease them in half, and place each one on top of the fitted sheet in the upper left-hand corner. 
  1. Next, take the bottom corners of your flat sheet and fold them over the pile of other linens and up to meet the top corners.
  2. Work from left to right to fold the flat sheet toward the middle, and, finally, over to the opposite right-hand corner. This will create a neatly folded flat sheet that contains each of its corresponding pieces nestled inside for safe-keeping and easy access. 

When it comes time to put a fresh set of sheets on your bed, you won’t have to go searching for each individual piece. Everything you’ll need will be tucked, wrinkle-free inside the protective shell of a flat sheet. This will not only save you time but will also create space in your closet to store other items that might be in need of a clutter-free home. 

Tips for a Linen Closet that Sparks Joy

Now that you’ve mastered the art of bedding-folding, it’s time to level up to ensure your linens are the stuff of organizational legends:

  • Schedule an annual closet cleanse by going through your inventory, weeding out any bedding that might be on its last legs, and repurposing it for other uses around your home.
  • Keep your linens smelling fresh by storing a few cedar blocks or bags of lavender on the inside shelves of your closet.
  • Set your folded bed sheets inside boxes or baskets, and label them to be able to easily locate what you need instead of rummaging through each shelf. 

Create Space for Casper

With these fresh techniques for achieving a perfectly folded sheet set and creating a linen closet you’re proud of, you might find yourself enjoying a newfound sense of minimalism. Or, you may discover that your current collection of sheet sets is in need of an upgrade. This may even have you questioning what to do with old sheets that no longer satisfy your sleep needs.

Create space, assess your inventory, and shop the bedding collection at Casper for a new set of sheets to start honing your skills as a master folder!


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