How To Style A King Size Bed

February 18, 2021 | Casper Editorial Team

A king size bed is the centerpiece of your bedroom, the stronghold of your sleep, the luxury sedan that delivers you straight to dreamland. 

What can we say? A king size mattress certainly makes a statement. But what kind of statement are you making if your luxurious king bed is naked with the exception of a comforter and a few haphazardly arranged pillows.

With great space comes great responsibility.

While there’s no real responsibility to style your king bed any one way, there are a lot of possibilities — so let’s dive in. Below, we’ll discuss how to style a king size bed for maximum comfort and a beautiful aesthetic.

#1 Layers Upon Layers Upon Layers 

Think of your king bed as a blank canvas. You can fill that space with colors, patterns, and textures of all kinds. The simplest, most visually appealing way to do that is through cohesive yet slightly varied layers — like an artful collage.

Here’s how to style a king size bed, starting with the base layer, your sheets, and blankets:

  • One fitted sheet
  • One flat sheet, folded over neatly
  • One duvet, comforter, or quilt
  • One coverlet along the foot of the bed
  • One throw blanket on top of that

Now, onto the next step: pillows. To create the full look of a Pinterest-worthy king bed, you’ll need to lean into the layering effect once again for your pillow arrangement:

  • Two large shams
  • Two standard pillows
  • One long lumbar pillow or bolster
  • Three throw pillows arranged neatly

When it comes to large beds, whether it’s a king or California king, you can’t go wrong with layering. Layers of pillows and blankets set a tone for total comfort. But you can always simplify this visually appealing design to suit a more casual or minimalistic vibe. Just keep in mind that layers are your friend, no matter what those layers are. 

#2 Mixing Neutral Colors and Patterns

The designs of these various layers are just as important as the layers themselves. With the sprawling canvas of a king bed, you may find yourself walking a fine line between bland and something so cluttered that it appears messy.

The easiest way to create a beautiful king bed aesthetic is to decide on a cohesive color scheme. Usually, this includes one or two neutral colors — white and beige or brown, perhaps — and one or two accent colors. A patterned duvet cover you love is a perfect place to start. Once you’ve found a design you like, you can simply pull colors either from within the pattern or select others that will complement it nicely. 

Find the balance between neutral tones, color pops, and all-out patterns to create a king bed that feels cohesive without becoming bland:

  • A neutral base – Start with the same neutral color for both your sheets and pillowcases. White works well in most cases, but you can also select a shade of beige, grey, brown, or even black. 
  • A subtle pattern – Your duvet cover or comforter is the largest visible piece on your bed. If you pick an overly vibrant or busy pattern, it may overpower the rest of your design. Something largely monochromatic is easy to style, as are simple prints like stripes, geometric shapes, and subdued florals.
  • Pops of accent colors – When you think of the overall picture of your bed, you don’t want all the bright colors or patterns to be in one place. Spread out your accents. For example, purchase a vibrant lumbar pillow or bolster that complements your duvet pattern, one or two bright throw pillows, and an accented coverlet or throw blanket.
  • A few additional patterns – To complement your comforter’s pattern, you can incorporate similar designs in your large shams and throw pillows, as well. 

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer for how to dress a king size bed. This can easily be tailored to fit your personal style or the bedding you already own. The key is to strive for a balance. 

If you have plenty of neutrals already, spice it up with an additional patterned accent pillow. If you have several different accent colors at play, round out your design with solid colors or simple patterns.

#3 A Headboard or Footboard (or Both)

If your bed is the focal point of your master bedroom, think of a headboard as the centerpiece of your centerpiece — the cherry on top of a slumber sundae.  

A headboard (and optional matching footboard) is the perfect way to tie your bed’s aesthetic into the rest of the room. Choose a design that incorporates the styles and colors of your bedding, wall color, other furniture, and decor. 

One of these popular designs are sure to suit your style:

  • Simple white – Keep it simple, especially if your bedding and pillow arrangement is already a masterpiece of colors and patterns. Choose from white wood panels, a tufted texture, or a slightly more ornate carved headboard.
  • Bright color, flashy shape – Vibrant headboards are in style right now, coming in all kinds of funky shapes. Choosing the right solid color will not only enhance the room’s cohesion but also provide a visually aesthetic statement piece.
  • Patterned – Swap out patterned bedding for a bold headboard instead. This can add an element of fun to an otherwise subdued bedroom design.
  • Modern wooden – Wood easily matches modern room designs because it comes in any finish you want. For a simple but beautiful headboard, look into horizontal wood slats, a solid wooden panel, or an intricate carving. 

Putting the Finishing Touches On a Casper King

Now that you’re teeming with king bed styling ideas, it’s time to get your hands on a Casper King and get to work. Not only do we have the perfect king size mattress to use as a canvas, but we also have bed frames, bedding, pillows, and more — all you need to create your dreamy escape! 

While you’re exploring king mattress options, you may come across a variety of different king mattress sizes. So if you’re wondering, “What is a split king bed?” or “What is an Eastern king bed?” you can read up on those topics and more on our blog. We have all the information you need to perfect your place of slumber.


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