What Is The Difference Between An Alaskan King Bed And California King?

March 10, 2021 | Casper Editorial Team

So you’ve sworn off twin mattresses since your college dorm room, tried a full and felt a little cramped, and a queen’s just not cutting it. You’re ready to take your sleep more seriously, to wake up feeling relaxed, energized, rested.

You might be ready for a California King bed, but you’re wondering what the difference is between a California King and an Alaskan King. In comparison to a California King , an Alaskan King is bigger, measuring 24 inches longer and 36 inches wider.

So, what’s the best mattress option for you? Read on to discover the nuances of a California King vs. an Alaskan King bed, and what to expect from each.

California King vs Alaskan King: Sizes and Features

Before you size up to a Cal King size bed or an Alaskan King size bed, know all your options. Let’s first take a look at the specs of each mattress for a clearer picture of these two beds.

California King

Luxury sleep at its finest, the California king size bed makes a statement in any bedroom.

  • Length – 84 in.
  • Width –  72 in. 
  • Shape – Rectangle
  • Overall size – 6,048 sq. in. or 42 sq. ft.
  • Features – One of the largest and tallest mattresses Casper has to offer, so we can provide you with the best sleep without sacrificing space

Alaskan King 

One notable feature of the Alaskan king is its larger size and unique shape—it’s a supersized square!

  • Length – 108 in.
  • Width – 108 in. 
  • Shape – Square
  • Overall size – 11,664 sq. in. or 81 sq. ft.
  • Features – It’s the largest mattress size out there, and can fit a whole family plus pets if desired

While increased space may certainly be attractive to sleepers who like to starfish in the middle of their bed, bigger may not always be better when it comes to oversized mattress sizes. Not all mattresses are built equally, with the same quality, care, and technology as Casper.

The Alaskan King vs. Other Giants

  • Wyoming King Bed: Slightly smaller than the Alaskan bed, the Wyoming King Bed measures 84 inches by 84 inches. It’s perfect for those who want a bit more space without going all out.
  • Texas King Bed: This mattress offers a unique dimension of 80 inches by 98 inches, making the Texas King Bed longer than the Wyoming, but not as wide.

Understanding these variations between these oversized mattresses can help you make a more informed decision based on your room size and sleeping preferences.

Tailored Benefits of the Alaskan King

For the Family-Oriented

The Alaskan King isn’t just a bed; it’s a bonding experience. Families with young children will find this size perfect for those nights when the little ones want to climb in. No more squeezing or uncomfortable sleeping positions – there’s room for everyone.

The Pet Lover’s Dream

For those of us who share our beds with our furry friends, the Alaskan King offers ample space. No more waking up on the edge of the bed while your pet sprawls out in the center. With the Alaskan bed, everyone gets their fair share of space.

A Haven for the Tall Sleeper

Tired of your feet hanging off the edge? The Alaskan King’s generous length ensures that individuals of all heights can stretch out comfortably. Plus, light sleepers or those with restless partners will appreciate the extra width of this oversized bed, ensuring undisturbed slumber.

Choosing Between a California King and Alaskan King

While comfort certainly plays an important role in choosing a mattress, there are a few more factors to consider so you can rest easy about where you choose to rest easy, including:

  • Who is sleeping in the bed
  • Room size
  • Budget

Who is Sleeping in the Bed

As you mull over an Alaskan king vs California king, ask yourself: who will be sleeping in the bed? This should be your biggest consideration when contemplating your mattress size options. 

Answer these questions to help illuminate where you should be getting your shut-eye:

  • If you’re a couple, how do you sleep? If you like to be close together, but still experience a cool, breathable night’s sleep, Casper’s California King mattress may be perfect for you. If you like a lot of sleeping space between you and your partner, the Alaskan King mattress might be more up your alley.
  • How tall are you? If you’re not so tall that you need all that extra space by your feet, even Casper’s regular King bed might be a welcome addition. King beds are deceptively large, actually containing more square inches than a California King size bed. King beds measure out at 6,080 sq. in. compared to the California King’s 6,048 sq. in.1 If you’re tall, like to be cozy, and are okay with a slightly narrower setup, opt for the California King mattress.
  • Do you need room for extra sleepers? For a couple with kids or pets, the more lateral room to sleep, the better. In this case, go for a King expertly made by Casper. Or a massive Alaskan King mattress, where space will always be abundant. Bed size matters when dealing with multiple people or a family bed. 

Room Size

Before you dive headfirst into the world of oversized mattresses, don’t forget to consider your room size. Unless you’re aiming for a wall-to-wall mattress, you’ll want at least 2 to 3 feet on all three sides of your bed to move around freely, not to mention space for bedside tables and other furniture in the room.

Otherwise, making the bed won’t just be a chore—it’ll be a frustrating series of yoga poses. 

In terms of an Alaskan King Bed vs California King, here are the ideal room sizes:

  • A California King would fit comfortably in a 12 ft by 10 ft. room.
  • An Alaskan King Bed, on the other hand, needs a spacious room measuring at least 16 ft. by 16 ft. 

No matter what space you’re working with, be sure to fill it with comfort. Even if you don’t have a bedroom that can accommodate the colossal Alaskan King, you can size down with a California King or Texas King. For an even slimmer option, a queen size mattress is perfect for a smaller room with a queen size bed. 

If you choose a California King, you’ll have our Casper mattresses to provide you with the most luxurious, repairing sleep you will ever experience.

Consider Your Budget

If you’re buying an Alaskan King Bed, you’ll also have to invest in an Alaskan King-sized bed frame, box spring, and cover set. Because Alaskan King beds aren’t widely available everywhere, their frames and cover sets aren’t either, and may be harder to find and more costly to purchase. This goes for all of the oversized and custom mattresses.

Casper solves that problem for you if you opt for a California King size bed. Our best-selling bundle, which includes 1 original mattress, 1 foundation, and 1 mattress protector, can save you up to 400 dollars. Additionally, our collection of beautiful, cleanly designed bed frames will fit your mattress perfectly and uplift any room. Talk about a California King bed upgrade!

Casper Mattresses For a Great Night’s Sleep

Choosing Casper is choosing a powerful new way to rest. Whether you’re going for budget, space, or style, our technologically advanced, pet-friendly, back-approved products will revolutionize the way you sleep. 


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