Six Ways to Cozy Up Your Bedroom for the Winter

September 10, 2022 | Casper Editorial Team

The long, frosty months of winter are often synonymous with an uptick in hours spent holed up inside. From time to time, you might catch yourself clutching a warm cup of coffee, watching the world from your window, hoping for warmer weather—and a cozier bedroom. 

Whether it’s bolstering your cozy bedroom with a new bed frame, or accessorizing your bedroom with a few seasonal furnishings, there are plenty of ways to kick up the cozy while you wind down in your favorite pair of fuzzy pajamas.

Lucky for you, we’ve already considered six winter bedroom ideas to make this transformation a cinch. Keep reading to see how you can cozy up your bedroom this winter, and welcome the opportunity to hunker down. 

#1 Pick Your Preferred Theme

Perhaps you’ve been there before: your well-intentioned search for decor inspiration leads you down a rabbit hole of mood board photos from which there is seemingly no escape. To kick your bedroom makeover off right—and sidestep that information overload—you’ll want to narrow down your aesthetic options from “cozy winter bedroom” to a more specific theme, such as:

  • Rustic cottage retreat
  • Modern farmhouse chic
  • Scandinavian winter wonderland 

From there, you can decide whether to build on what you’ve got or start from scratch. 

Pro tip: Before drooling over those perfectly designed bedroom photos on your social media feed, we recommend doing a quick inventory check. Notice what colors, patterns, and materials you’re already working with (and could potentially complement your theme.) Then make a list of items you’d like to add to your design arsenal to transform your bedroom decor into a toasty hideaway.

#2 Mix and Match Colors, Patterns, and Materials 

Next, shape your abstract theme into a real-life renovation by playing with the colors, patterns, and materials that suit your style—and the season. All colors are fair game, of course, but we recommend working within the bounds of a single palette, such as:

  • Icy and cool – For a sleek, upscale vibe, consider playing with cool tones like deep blue, grey, or silver. 
  • Warm and welcoming – Match the heat of your wintry fireplace by adding some visual warmth with soft yellows, burnt oranges, and striking reds for the winter season. 
  • Neutral and natural – If you prefer to play conservatively with color, start with your neutral palette of choice. Offset creamy beige tones with a small pop of forest green, cranberry, or spiced orange on your bedside table, bookshelf, or windowsill.   

If you plan to experiment with patterns, plaid typically reigns supreme during the winter months. Throw pillows can help give you bed that extra comfy and cozy feeling.  Add plaid throw pillows in navy and white to your bed or, for a subtler touch of texture, a cable knit throw blanket in a neutral color instead. A carefully considered combination of these textures, colors, and materials will make for a space that practically screams cozy from top to bottom. 

#3 Bulk up on Bedding 

Perhaps the key to bumping your bedroom up a few notches on the coziness scale is to focus on your bed itself. Especially during the winter months, it’s important to lean into the power of high-quality, comfort-inducing bedroom decor, such as:

  • Flannel sheets – If you don’t yet have reliable winter bedding that leaves you wanting to spend all day under the covers, it might be time to invest in a set of flannel sheets. Plus, when they’re made with 100% brushed organic cotton, they’ll have you asleep in no time. 

#4 Collect Some Natural Winter Decorations 

One of the best ways to honor the winter season is by bringing the outdoors in. To incorporate more natural elements in your bedroom, collect a few items from your local environment and use them as the building blocks for arts and crafts day the next time you’re snowed in. Be on the lookout for things like:

  • Branches
  • Pinecones
  • Stones
  • Greenery
  • Winterberry

A branch can be used to hang jewelry, and pinecones work great as tabletop decorations. If available, use evergreen branches to try your hand at wreath-making. Hang the finished product with a burlap or brightly-colored bow above your bed or on your bedroom door. 

#5 Avoid Harsh Artificial Lights 

With natural light being scarce in the winter, our use of artificial light tends to increase. But the National Sleep Foundation still recommends dimming your lights at least one hour before going to bed.1

In lieu of harsh, overhead lighting, opt for dimmable lamps or cozy accent lighting like fairy lights and candles. Not only will they outfit your room for optimal slumber, but they’ll also offer plenty of soft light once the sun goes down. For your bedside table, consider switching on our signature Glow Light. It provides a calm, self-dimming light that will help you waltz from waking hours into bedtime bliss.

#6 Make Your Room Warmer While Saving Energy

If you prefer to avoid touching the thermostat in the winter, we’ve got three energy-saving ways that’ll save you from searching “how to make bedroom warm in winter” while adding an extra level of comfort to your bedroom’s ambiance: 

  1. Hang some thick drapes over your windows. This not only keeps the heat in and the cold out, but its vertical shape can make your bedroom seem taller and more elegant.
  2. If your bed is close to a window, you could be missing out on a few degrees of warmth due to drafts. Embrace change, rearrange—try moving it to a warmer part of the room instead.
  3. Lock in the heat with faux fur area rugs. They’ll add visual interest and make you dread that first slipper-less step in the morning just a little bit less.

Stay Warm and Cozy this Winter with Casper 

With these decor tips in your back pocket, now’s the time to enjoy putting together the dreamiest winter bedroom you’ve had to date. You’ll never have to question how to keep your bedroom warm in the winter. To stock up on any pieces you may be missing, look no further than Casper. Our bedding, pillows, and glow lights will transform your sleeping space into a sanctuary you’ll want to cozy up in all winter long. 


  1. National Sleep Foundation. Good Light, Bad Light, and Better Sleep.