After you place your order, our partner XPO Logistics will send you an order confirmation (separate from your Casper order confirmation) with a scheduling link. Once your product(s) arrive at XPO's location, the scheduling link will update and XPO's automated phone system will call and provide you with the next available date for delivery. You’ll also be able to talk to an XPO Scheduling agent!

The day before your delivery date, you'll receive a call that confirms a four-hour delivery window in which your delivery team will arrive. During that four-hour window, they will call again within 30 minutes of their arrival.

The delivery team will bring your In-Home Delivery eligible Casper products to the appropriate room, set them up, and remove any packaging materials.

You can also add on a removal service to remove and recycle your previously owned mattress and foundation/box spring. To be eligible for removal of a mattress and box spring, those same items must be purchased through Casper. An order with one mattress will be eligible for the removal of one used mattress. An order with one foundation will be eligible for the removal of one used box spring/foundation.

All mattresses removed using Casper’s In-Home Delivery and Setup service must be in sanitary condition, to be determined by the on site delivery team, and all box springs must be able to be removed without being broken down.

Please note that our delivery partner does not remove bed frames. In addition, our partners are limited to arranging and setting up Casper products only.

For more information on our In-Home Delivery and Setup option, we recommend reaching out to our team of Product Consultants at +1 855-885-2817.